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One of the most important things when it comes to ‘certified legal translation near me’ or translation services in Dubai is acceptance by all the government offices and legal institutions. It’s a very critical aspect of translation that most people overlook in their rush to get documents translated. This certification, the acceptance of our translated documents by government officials and the judiciary as legal translation is what makes Quality Translation Services DMCC the best certified legal translation nearby in Dubai and JLT. The purpose of documentation and translation becomes easier when one doesn’t have to run around seeking revision, or further certification.

Our mission

We aim to be among the top legal and professional translators in the world, with special focus on translation in Dubai, and the UAE. We have 18 years of experience in translation in Dubai, offering our clients language localization services that are the best in the industry. We already have a vast network of linguists and experts in various fields across the globe, and our team offers translations in 150+ languages. At QTS, we intend to further our network, and reach more customers as the one-stop solution for all their communication requirements, including that of language and interpretation services.

What we do

QTS is a full-service translation company. What this means is, if you are looking for certified legal translation nearby, your search stops with us. We offer comprehensive linguistic solutions to the clients that include:
QTS is reputed for its expertise in being able to complete even the most complicated communication requirements. QTS is applauded and commended for being the most reliable and distinguished translation service in Dubai and JLT. We are known to deliver the most accurate solutions within the least time, and at the best rates in the industry, too. With this triple ring of quality control and checking, we believe our customers will come back to us time and again – and they do.

How we do it

We remain the best, by doing our best. We give our customers the best translation service in Dubai possible, whatever communication or linguistic requirements they have. Our team of international experts and linguists are fully equipped and qualified to provide expert solutions to all our clients’ needs. From getting in touch with the clients to understand their requirements and the intention behind the translation, to extending timely help and services online, our team ensures we are with the client at every step of the way once they come to us, looking for certified legal translation nearby. We excel at giving all clients:
Our linguists are specialists, native speakers of the language who are adept at translating handwritten, verbal and printed content in a wide range of subject matters. They are professionals with the highest standards of integrity – they go through some very stringent tests and background checks from our side before becoming a part of QTS. As a result, our experts are trained to follow a product led growth mindset, and enjoy being involved in the client’s success. They handle delicate and secretive documents with a discretion that’s reliable and comforting to the client at the same time. That is why, whenever there’s the need for competitive market-related documents to be translated, or when a very prominent brand or client wants to storm the international market, he comes to us for certified legal translation in Dubai as well as all other translation services in Dubai.

Our team helps everyone put their best foot forward in foreign countries :

We, at QTS, understand the importance of making that grand first impression. When our client goes to a foreign country for a conference, or got giving a speech, or is taking his business to new shores, we know that he needs to be acclimatised with the cultural ethos as well as the legal nuances of that country. To that end, we not only provide a mere word-to-word translation, we investigate the intent of the translation requirements and without missing anything we do contextual and relative translation. This is the reason when someone searches for the best legal translation nearby, they find us at the top on the internet. Same when they look for translation in Dubai. We go out of the way to help our clients and aid their success in reaching new markets and newer audience with our interpretation services, too. To that end, we, at QTS

Our sole aim is to enable our clients engage with their new international market and win over competition with the help of linguistic expertise provided by us – we pride ourselves with the fact that we effectively help them increase their market share, become successful in business ventures, and even, many a times, help with college admissions, immigration, legal papers, and more.

What our translators bring to the table :

In a nutshell, QTS has a global reputation for being the best translation service in Dubai and JLT. From small firms to medium enterprises and corporate giants, everyone comes to us with various translation and communication requirements throughout the year. From local companies to multinationals, we service them all with the same care and attention, and provide high-quality legal and professional services in the best rates and in the shortest time possible to one and all. This is mainly possible because we maintain high standards of recruitment of translators to our team. That is why, each member of our team at QTS is more than basic translator. He or she comes with:

QTS delivers top quality translation services to clients worldwide:

The main reason for this is our method of providing customized solutions for each of our clients. This ensures we facilitate their reach and impact with our communication solutions. Our translations are aimed at maximising the impact of our client on the target audience. We attain this by providing correct translations that not only convert the words, but also preserve the original tone and context. Nothing is lost in translation.
One of the most important reasons why our firm is the preferred one for clients who look for ‘certified legal translations near me’ is that along with top-notch translation services in Dubai and JLT, we also provide interpretation services to clients worldwide in over a hundred language combinations. This enables us to deliver the most appropriate translation and interpretation solutions that adhere to international standards.

The areas of translation we excel in :

There is no limit to this. We cover all topics and scenarios from legal, medical, financial and literary fields to multi-media content translation and localisation. IT and software, sport and entertainment, we excel in all fields. QTS seniors, who are themselves proven experts in various fields and are a talent pool by themselves, rely on their extensive network of experts to be able to cover such a vast and varied translation area. The seniors also perform multiple fact checks and proof read every translated document before it reaches the client’s hands.

How do we do this? How do we remain at the top of translation services nearby?

QTS, a globally recognized translation agency :

We have already captured a significant market share thanks to the quality, speed and efficiency of our work. Our reputation precedes us, and many come to us by searching for the best ‘translation service near me’ and finding us at the top of the listings. Our rates are very competitive, and the cost-effectiveness of our services across multiple sectors and also time zones, is spoken of by many satisfied customers. We have a name to maintain, and love being at the top of our competition. And being a globally recognized translation agency, we ensure all the projects that come to us pass through stringent quality filters. We ensure your success, and strive to enhance your success in the global market. Our goal is to deliver accurate native language translation services in Dubai for our clients and help them in consolidating their presence in the international market and in expanding their business. We have the expertise to match our claims, and many satisfied customer testimonials as well. And what’s more, our project manager is ready to support you 24×7. Call us now.

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