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We are among the top legal and professional translators especially in Dubai, and generally in UAE and around the world. With 18 years experience in language localization services, offering translations in 100+ languages and in the best of the rates, QTS is a one-stop resource for handling all of your language and interpretation related services.

In order to help our clients reach new markets and audience, we provide equipment and services to enable them to engage in international competition. Our range of high quality products and services helps them effectively increase their market share.

We are among the top legal and professional translators especially in Dubai, and generally in UAE and around the world. With 18 years experience in language localization services, offering translations in 75 languages and in the best of the rates, QTS is a one-stop resource for handling all of your language and interpretation related services.

QTS has a reputation all over the world, from small sized firms to medium and large firms. From local companies to multinational companies. We provide high-quality legal and professional services in the best rates and in the shortest time possible.

We are a full service translation company

We are a full service translation company that offers comprehensive linguistic solutions to the clients. Our experts fulfill most precise communication requirements. Being a reliable and highly distinguished translation service provider, we deliver the most accurate solutions in the entire industry. Whatever communication or linguistic requirements you have, our team is fully equipped and also qualified enough to extend the online timely solutions of the highest standards. Our linguistic specialists are capable of translating the written, verbal and printed content in a wide range of subject matters. Here at Professional Quality Translation Services, our experts see themselves as the most reliable partners towards the achievement of the client’s success. When you need to market your products or services in the international market, our team helps you to introduce it in foreign languages.

Our firm delivers Top Quality Translation services to clients worldwide

Our customized solutions facilitate you to achieve the maximum influence on the target audience at the same time preserving the original tone and also the meaning of the text. Our firm delivers the top quality translation and also interpretation services to the clients worldwide. We employ the skilled and experienced team of native language specialists who perform work in over a hundred of language combinations. This enables us to deliver the most appropriate translation and interpretation solutions. Our quality assurance team strictly adheres to the international standards and work towards the achievement of the maximum satisfaction of the customers.

Our linguist experts are best in industry

Our team covers almost everything from medicine, finance, legal, literary to media content translation and much more. Our firm relies on its extensive network of subject matter experts who are truly best in the industry. For ensuring high-end quality in work, we recruit professionals who are being tested and thoroughly evaluated through QMS (Quality Management System). We have already acquired a significant of market share due to the quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness of the services across multiple sectors and also time zones. Accordingly, all the translations and interpretations are being carried out by translators who apart from being native language speakers also have first-hand industry experience. Thus the main goal of our organization is to deliver the clients with native language translation services for consolidating their presence in the international market and expanding their business.

We are globally recognized translation agency

Being a globally recognized translation agency, all finished projects of different types and also volumes pass through stringent quality filters for full assurance. The customized and native content that we deliver enhances the success of your business in the global market. Our team fully ensures that the documents are completely translated as per the client’s specifications. Since we already have immense expertise in more than 150 languages, this is fully reflected in the quality of our work. Our project manager is here to support you 24*7. Call us now.

I would definitely recommend this company to everyone who is looking for quality translation services. Great job!

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Just what I was looking for! Thank you so much for all the great effort that you guys have put in my request!

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Professional and creative, your team has made my life so much easier! You can totally rely on them with translations.

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Arabic nations are gaining importance in the corporate sector: As the Arabic nations increase in prominence in the corporate sector, there is a growing need for Arabic to English legal translation and vice versa services world over. There are immigration and asylum-seeking requirements, business deal documents and the necessary papers, education related documentation, legal proforma agreements and documentation, official contracts, and much more. Necessitates the importance of more research. The asymmetry between English and Arabic poses many difficulties for legal translators, be they linguistic-based, culture-specific or system-based.

Arabic legal language is very nuanced and needs an expert hand: What makes legal translation from English to Arabic or vice versa quite tedious and difficult, needing an expert hand is the fact that there is a wide gap and difference between English and Arabic written and spoken language systems. Apart from this, the legal systems are also quite varied. To begin with, Arabic is a Semitic language, while English belongs to the Indo-European languages family. Thus, legal translators, as well as interpreters of Arabic into English or English to Arabic face difficulties at different linguistic levels. There could be terminological nuances that crop up when interpreting Sharia Law terms to Common law terms, syntactic issues such as sentence construction and modal incongruities, and textual, like lexical repetition and punctuation.

The Arabic legal system is vastly different from Common Law: The legal systems in both these parts of the world have striking differences because each of them is embedded in the cultural background of their own lifestyle and belief systems. Legal English comes from the Common Law terminology, where many terms can be understood only against a Common Law background because these laws do not have a straight equivalent in Islamic or Arab Civil Law codes. However, Legal Arabic is inclusive of the Islamic Law and Civil Law.

Automated translation is never accurate: It is this diversity that makes it almost impossible for language translation software and other automated technology to do an Arabic to English translation without any errors. Automatons cannot place a language in its localized context, and therefore, confuse between homonyms and homographs. Machines, unlike human translators, also lack the ability to assign cultural variations and colloquialisms, which can majorly affect the outcome of a legal translation. That is why nothing beats an experienced, native Arabic translator when it comes to English to Arabic or vice versa translations of legal documents.

Our translation procedures are transparent, and the framework for each category of work conforms to a high benchmark, making us one of the most trusted and noteworthy companies worldwide when it comes to legal translations. Our team comprises many gifted and talented linguists and legal experts who know the importance of legalities of all kinds of businesses and legal matter and use utmost discretion in handling sensitive documents.

They often cross-check facts and go for a round of in-house checking before seeking the approval of the customers, which helps us maintain a very high quality of legal translation. We have a huge list of satisfied clienteles from all walks of life, and different nations, and their testimonies will vouch for the quality of our translations.

Our effort is to co-ordinate our expertise with a good comprehension of regional preferences, and our interpreters, honed through years of hands-on training ensure we don't miss even the unspoken word. Which is why, we are at the top of the translating and interpreting business, today.

Our team that handles Translate English to Arabic services in Dubai comprehends the necessity of exact translations as per the requirements of our clients. That is why we let an interpreter take over first, to understand what the needs of the customer are, and then, the translating team takes over the documentation work they need to be translated.

This means we can add local parlance and nuances to the documents which will give you the additional edge of a certain sense of familiarity with the laws and culture of the place – this is where we ace it as compared to other language translation services in the state.

English to Arabic translation is essential for...

All businesses and court proceedings: Though Arabic is the official language, English is the largest spoken common language across the seven Emirates because the UAE is residence to many expats. This means most often the original documents are in English or other foreign languages and they will need to be translated into Arabic before being submitted to the UAE government authorities or the courts.

Legal documentation: Many a time, people are unaware of recent changes in law. For example, in December 2018, a new rule introduced by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai stated that all marriage and birth certificates submitted to support dependent visa applications will also have to be legally translated into Arabic. In fact, many government authorities accept documents submitted only in Arabic.

The most important point: Most government authorities only accept translations done by an officially certified translation service provider in Dubai, like us – we are certified Translation Company.

Sometimes, companies look at the cost factor involved in legal translations an decide accordingly. But what they should really consider is whether the Arabic translation is an accurate representation of what is written in English, or not. This is because translation errors can prove costly to a business in the long term. And if there are delays, etc., there can even be financial implications because in case any legal issues were to crop up, Arabic translations will always be held true, and if there are any translation discrepancies, you stand to lose at the court. Therefore, no shrewd businessman should ever overlook the importance of employing the services of a first-class translator.

When engaging the services of a translator, look for:

  • Whether they are MoJ certified – this means more accuracy of the translated documents
  • A trusted name in the translation business – someone who is known to maintain the integrity of your documents, and not just translate the words
  • Whether they are known for their speed and delivery promises
  • A company that engages and invests in knowing you as well as your business before beginning the translations.

The below departments need documents legal translation, and require English to Arabic Vice Versa legal translation services in Dubai. QTS is approved, certified and legally recognized to translate the documents.

  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • RTA
  • Dubai Land Department
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry Of Health
  • Dubai Land Department
  • Dubai Municipality
  • All UAE Courts & Foreign Embassies
  • Dubai Department of Economic Development
  • Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)
  • Rak Free Zone
  • Ajman Free Zone
  • Sharjah Free Zone

What are the points to be kept in mind during legal translations?

When it comes to legal matters, accuracy is of utmost importance. Even a single misunderstood word, or an extra comma can change the meaning of the sentence; can change the meaning and intent of the entire document, leading to possible trouble later. Having the whole document/contract done again could prove to be an expensive deal for you and your clients.

And if you are dealing with legal cases of great implications, where you need to deep-dive into laws and other legal matters, even the minutest of mistakes can get magnified. Suppose you are working to solve a patent issue, or a state-to-state business dispute, or looking into industrial frauds or due-diligence cases, or the other many criminal, corporate or civil cases, exactitude of translation takes on gigantic importance.

Some of the documents we legally translate daily are:

  • Certified translations in Dubai for immigration/asylum, etc.
  • Contracts and notices
  • Court proceedings – interpretation and translation
  • Translation of official presentations, business deals and employee contracts

At QTS, we promise accuracy of every word we translate, so, you can be confident that your document is fool-proof language wise because every single translator we have employed are trained, certified and come with educational and professional expertise in the legal field.

A must-practice at QTS is double-checking. Our linguists and legal experts go over each document twice before handing them over to the clients. This assures a very high level of accuracy.

We also ensure that all our translation work is monitored by seniors in the department, so that we don’t have to do much back-and-forth with the clients.


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