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Not all translation work is legal – sometimes there are other documents, too, that need translation into different languages, as well as from English to Arabic and vice versa…
Why come to us?
Now, if you type ‘Translation Company near me’ in any search engine, you will, of course, find a number of agencies cropping up. But how do you know which company is authentic and an expert at translation services? And we say you must definitely question this aspect before you engage a translation company nearby to do your jon. That’s where we come in… we’re the translation services company in Dubai that delivers perfect translation each time, every time. Our linguists are experts in various fields across a spectrum of subject matter, and they provide our customers with a concise and precise translation at very competitive rates in the market.
What is general translation?
General translation needs more work than legal translation in Dubai because legal words and phrases do not come into play here, and so, each and every word needs to be contextually as well as linguistically translated. Also note that translation is different from transliteration and interpretation – sometimes official documents may not be legal, and yet make a great impact on a whole lot of issues. There are important speeches, notifications, scientific papers, thesis, and many other documents that need translation for various purposes.
What kinds of documents need translation?
Many Fortune 500 companies doing businesses across the globe need fast and precise translations of many documents, some of which require the services of a skilled professional translation company. QTS is the best translation service provider in Dubai, with a very practical solution for every need of the customer. These days, since educational institutions have opened courses globally, so that any deserving student can access them, the needs for localized applications are also high. This is another sector we excel in with our translation services in Dubai.
Do we have the expertise?
Often, general translation is taken to mean that the mere knowledge of the two languages – the one of the source documents and the language to be translated into – is enough. But we know that’s not the case. Even general translation requires cultural sensitivity and an in-depth knowledge of regional parlance and its nuances thereof. Our translation company nearby provides multiple general translation services to a clientele that’s spread across the globe. Most of our clients commend our quality and the affordable costs involved. This is why each day, many more people search for phrases like ‘legal translation services near’, ‘translation company near me’ and ‘translation services near me’ and find us right at the top.
How we, at QTS look at General Translation services in Dubai : To us, at QTS Translation Services in Dubai, ‘general translations’ does not mean handing the client’s documents to someone who doesn’t have extensive knowledge or experience of a specific specialist area. We choose our team with great care so that they are adept in a variety of fields. Some of the general translation requests we get frequently include…
News articles and other information circulars
Travelogues, blogs and website content
• Business and private letters
• Job applications, and more
We, at QTS, try to understand the purpose of translation for each and every customer and try to keep it as close to the original tone and intent of the source document so as to deliver an accurate message of the original content, while taking into account cultural and regional differences between the source and translated languages. And so, we choose a translator from our pool of talent taking into account his or her familiarity with both the languages and their regional nuances. We never ever compromise on quality, and so, the familiarity of the translator with the above said factors is of prime importance to us. Our certified and authorized translators are not only experts in English to Arabic translation and vice versa, they also excel in other business and spoken languages around the world. They can add value to every document by maintaining and merging socio-cultural differences with their linguistic parity.

Our translation services repertoire :
As the top-most translation services company, we ensure we’re number one when you search for Translation Company near me. Among the many translations we do in Dubai (just search for ‘translation services near me’ on the internet if you are in Dubai, and our name will be right at the top, the most in demand, apart from legal translations are for…

  • Commercial documents translation services nearby – papers that explain the nature of business, dos and don’ts of a certain procedure, etc. Now, because we are in demand, a simple google search of the phrase ‘translation company near me’ will bring you to the QTS website.
  • Technical translation services near, and in Dubai – for user manuals, hardware functions, utility notes for appliances, fabric and electronic care instructions, etc.
  • Software localization by a professional translation company nearby – this is a big thing in those nations where English is not the primary language. Every software is of use only when the user is aware of how to use it. And so, we translate software for regionalized use around the world as well as in Dubai. Some of our most regular customers found us by searching for translation services near me in Dubai.
  • Administrative translation – notices, information regarding procedures for job applications, wear and tear notices for public utility systems, and more. When you look for ‘Translation Company near me’ on your phone, you will find our website.
  • Financial translation – this includes translating spreadsheets, transaction documents, banking papers, and more. Needless to say, accuracy is paramount here, as even the minutest error can get magnified in financial papers. So just look for legal translation services near me and leave the rest to us.
QTS means top quality work:
We, at QTS, also know that proofreading is a must even for general translations, and follow a meticulous system that assures error free, foolproof translated documents are handed over to our clients. Each document goes through various levels of cross-checking, and only when we are satisfied about the quality of the translated document, do we deliver it to the customer. We are always ready and receptive of feedback so that we improve our services and ask our entire customer to keep in regular touch for updates on their commissioned work.

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