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Germany is one of the most tech-advanced countries in Europe. As a result, many multinational companies and individuals are now opting to do business, work or study in Germany. This apart, Germany is also the IT hub of Europe, and leading the way in everything from Artificial Intelligence to Robotics, and so, the young population across the world seeks to study and work in Germany these days. With the demand rising manifold, we offer German certified legal translation in Dubai and JLT. Everyday a number of clients come to us for translation of documents into German, and an equal number of those from Germany come to us to get their German documents translated into Arabic and English. All one needs to do is key in ‘translation services nearby’ here in Dubai, and we will be right at the top.
What documents need to be translated into German?
Most often, German officials demand that legal documents – from birth certificates to immigration papers and thesis, resumes, etc., be written in German. This brings about the demand for translation, which is why many people search for German translation service nearby here in Dubai and JLT.
QTS has the best German translators :
Our linguists and translators are top-class and very professional when it comes to German translation services nearby. Just type ‘Certified legal translation service near me’ and you will find us on the internet. At QTS, the translators are fast, accurate and are knowledgeable enough to speak to the client and understand their requirements. So, when you search for translation office near me, and come to us, you get the best translation services in Dubai and JLT. Our language experts understand the legal and cultural needs of the client and get even the most nuanced legal and technological terminologies absolutely correct so that your documents require minimum revision.

Quality control is our forte :
Just ask anyone about translation office near me, and come to us for translation services from German to English, and German to Arabic. We also offer localization services, which means whether you are creating a customized user manual or helping your team to adapt to a new set of rules in Germany, we guide you right through the process easily. QTS is quite adamant about quality control and therefore, we have only the best German language translators in our team. They are well-versed with all the nuances of the language, and do a quick and efficient job of translating all the documents. Our client testimonials bear witness to the expert job we do when it comes to German translation.
At Quality Translation Services (QTS) we set high benchmarks. That is why we come at the top when you search for certified legal translation service near me. We have expert and senior editors who review every translated document, and adept proof readers who check the document thoroughly for any errors. The result is that the very first time you get your translated document, it is as good as final, and will not require any revising, reviewing or further editing. Our specialized German team comprises native language speakers who are used to high-end translation. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we get a number of documents for translation into German every day. Most often, we translate:

  • Visa and other papers required for travel and immigration
  • Software and equipment user manuals and other IT instruction documents
  • Student thesis and study papers
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce papers
  • Bank statements
  • Legal documents and official papers
  • Judicial process documents
  • Corporate business-related documents, and more..
We are quick and accurate :
We are the most unique translation center nearby, who translate a variety of documents for various government and private sectors from German to English, Arabic to German or vice versa. We are the German certified legal translation in Dubai and JLT, and we also understand time is of importance and ensure all our clients’ deadlines are met. We also customize services for those in urgent requirement of translation work, and all for a very nominal amount. So, if you have any translation work, just search for translation office near me, find us, and call us for immediate response.

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