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Certified Legal Translation in Dubai

We aim to be the best in the business we do

Quality Translation Services LLC (QTS) is one of the top certified translation services company in Dubai and globally as well. We are one of the most reliable agencies in this part of the world offering first-class Certified Legal Translation Services in Dubai & Worldwide.

We have the expertise to deliver the best: We have a team of certified translation experts, who are linguistically proficient and are well-versed with texts in the field of law. We understand that law is a culture-dependent subject and must be handled with clear communication and transparency. Our experts ensure that our Legal Translation Services in Dubai is at par with the best in the world, and wherever you go, our legal translation will pass the quality test easily.

We believe in customer satisfaction: We believe in providing timely and exact certified legal translation in Dubai for our customers, stand by promised deadlines and always keep the clients’ welfare at heart. This is the reason why we one of the most preferred legal translation services company in JLT & Dubai, with special focus on Arabic to English Legal translation services in Dubai.

We have an enviable client list: At QTS, our client base is an enviable mix of those stationed in Dubai as well as global citizens who require business related, personal and many other multi-pronged translation services. From high-profile businessmen to tourists to students seeking education, and much more – we cater to a wide range of customers.

We know the laws: Our forte is our top-notch Legal Translation Services in Dubai, and our deep understanding of the legal content at hand. We have different packages for different segments of customers, and our clients can avail of open, as well as private services.

  • We ensure absolute secrecy and security of all the delicate and complicated legal papers and documents.
  • We want to see our customers prosper in the international market, capture new audience and destinations. Here come our translation services. Our clients can capture varied customers through effectively communicating in their local languages.
  • We at QTS offer a one-stop resource for all your translation services in Dubai and world over. Having 20 years’ experience at hand, and offering services in 150 languages around the world, we feel equipped to offer the best translation in the most economical prices!

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    We Offer Certified Translation

    Go global without any language barrier...

    We are certified legal translators and excel in Arabic to English translations + 150 Languages Certified translation Services in JLT|DUBAI|UAE & Worldwide.

    We provide quick and economic solutions for all types and kinds of certified legal translation services in JLT & Dubai. We are certified, authorized and have an excellent team of young and experienced experts in various fields of law, as well as professional legal translators who can do a quick, accurate and effective translation of legal documents into the language of your preference.

    We must add here – we translate legal documents to over 150 languages globally. Also, because of our wide reach, and specialized team of linguistic experts, we are also authorized to undertake very niche-specialized legal translation projects such as translation of budgetary documents as well as projects requiring an understanding of complicated legal concepts.

    We are also experts in crafting client-specific specialized translation solutions. You need a website translated? We will do that. Or perhaps you need our proofreading and editing services? We have a team of experts for that, too! We also help with legal immigration documents translation, interpretation, subtitling, and much more.

    All you need to do is come to us for your legal translation services in Dubai and we will deal with it in a timely and professional manner.

    Our forte also includes Arabic to English Legal Translation Services in Dubai, wherein we engage with our customers for all types of translation and interpretation requirements.

    `` All Kinds Of Legal, Certified, Academic, Medical Translation and Interpretation Services Under One Roof ``

    We translate between English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Bangladeshi, Persian, Turkish, Japanese, and a host of other languages.

    There are many reasons why we can be the dream translation partner your business needs. Some of those are…

    • We are authorized, approved and certified for all Legal Translation Services in Dubai – all UAE Courts, embassies, RTA, DMCC Dubai Land Department, and the Canadian immigration easily accepts documents translated at QTS.
    • And so, if you are searching for a certified translation service in Dubai and around the world, just reach out to us and we will help you take your business beyond the barriers of language.
    • Our expertise and experience will help you get your documents translated with minimum revisions.
    • This apart, we are also the legal translation services provider for all recognized languages in JLT and Dubai.
    • Our priority is customer relationship, and we come up with translation solutions that match each client’s unique individual needs
    • Our certified legal translators not only possess linguistic skills but also technical expertise, and this guarantees you most accurate and top-quality translation of all the legal documents.
    • With immense experience and well-proven track record, our company provides the fast, accurate and cost-effective legal translation services in Dubai.
    • We are committed to the highest standards and enjoy fostering positive and long-term relationship with our customers
    • Our professional team includes translators, interpreters, audio-video experts, dispatchers, and management – and all of them contribute to a great client experience and help us build customer relations that stay for life.

    Our worldwide reach and knowledge of subjective nation-wise legal system is incomparable in the industry. This is where we score over all our competitors

    We have a large community of professional and certified legal translators worldwide – they provide us with the highest quality work in the fastest time possible. Our certified translation linguists are also experts in their subject matter and have a thorough understanding of nation-specific legal terminologies. This bunch of dedicated, certified legal translators ensure that the clients have the best experience in getting their work done, well within budget and on time.

    • We are big on upgradation – be it the technology, or the systems we follow, or upskilling our workforce and therefore, we ensure we stay ahead of competition by remaining quick, accurate and reliable.
    • Our pricing is the best in the industry and we never miss deadlines – we’ve driven about giving our clients delivery on time, every time.
    • What you get from us is an assurance of the best quality of work in the industry because our legal translation as well as Arabic to English translations are on-the-point and precise and will quickly connect with the client’s intended target group.
    • And the amazing part is, they work according to your time zone, which means you don’t have to lose sleep or change your schedule to check on the work you have commissioned us.
    • We know it’s a world that never sleeps, and therefore, we have experts working 24-hours to stay on top of the game.

    I would definitely recommend this company to everyone who is looking for quality translation services. Great job!

    Aliyah Manson


    Just what I was looking for! Thank you so much for all the great effort that you guys have put in my request!

    Kelly Moore


    Professional and creative, your team has made my life so much easier! You can totally rely on them with translations.

    Jim Norton


    We are a package of all kinds of documentation solutions that every business needs

    At Quality Translation Services, we follow a quick turnaround policy, as we know the urgency involved in most documentation works of our clients. Our certified translation services in Dubai allow for excellent documenting and promoting of business across the globe. We know that Dubai is home to more than a million people and therefore, offer the following services:


    • Legal Translation Services
    • General Translation services
    • Medical Translation
    • Bilingual Legal Documents Translation
    • Economy & Finance Translation
    • Marketing & Advertising Translation
    • Media & Press Release Translation
    • Technical documents Translation
    • Website & Localization Translation
    • Media Content Translation
    • CV Translation Services
    • Driving License – Certified Legal Translation in Dubai
    • Certified Legal Croatian Translation Services
    • Certified Legal Portuguese Translation services
    • Translation for Canadian immigration – Certified Legal Translation in Dubai

    And also

    • Audio-visual equipment for hire and use
    • Interpretation services for foreign businessmen
    • Simultaneous Interpretation Services
    • Consecutive Interpretation Services
    • Liaison Interpretation Services
    • Whispered Interpretation Services
    • Subtitling Services for audio visual presentations/short films and documentaries
    • Canada Immigration Translation
    • Desktop Publishing Services
    • Certificate Attestation Services – Legal translation in Dubai
    • Type Settings Services
    • Proofreading & Editing Services

    The range of documents we handle for Legal Translation Services in Dubai includes

    • Birth certificates
    • Marriage certificates
    • Wills
    • Insurance policies Translation
    • Memorandum of Association
    • Memorandum of understanding
    • Litigation documents
    • Certificates & Affidavits
    • Judicial Orders
    • Trade licenses – Certified Legal Translation in Dubai
    • Sales contracts
    • Power of attorney
    • Passport
    • Service Terms
    • Divorce agreement and settlement (Legal Translation)
    • Birth Certificate – Legal Translation (Dubai)
    • Agreements & Reports – Legal translation in Dubai
    • Police Clearance Certificates – Legal translation (Dubai)
    • Medical reports & records – Certified Legal translation in Dubai

    Arabic nations are gaining importance in the corporate sector: As the Arabic nations increase in prominence in the corporate sector, there is a growing need for Arabic to English legal translation and vice versa services world over. There are immigration and asylum-seeking requirements, business deal documents and the necessary papers, education related documentation, legal proforma agreements and documentation, official contracts, and much more. Necessitates the importance of more research. The asymmetry between English and Arabic poses many difficulties for legal translators, be they linguistic-based, culture-specific or system-based.

    Arabic legal language is very nuanced and needs an expert hand: What makes legal translation from English to Arabic or vice versa quite tedious and difficult, needing an expert hand is the fact that there is a wide gap and difference between English and Arabic written and spoken language systems. Apart from this, the legal systems are also quite varied. To begin with, Arabic is a Semitic language, while English belongs to the Indo-European languages family. Thus, legal translators, as well as interpreters of Arabic into English or English to Arabic face difficulties at different linguistic levels. There could be terminological nuances that crop up when interpreting Sharia Law terms to Common law terms, syntactic issues such as sentence construction and modal incongruities, and textual, like lexical repetition and punctuation.

    The Arabic legal system is vastly different from Common Law: The legal systems in both these parts of the world have striking differences because each of them is embedded in the cultural background of their own lifestyle and belief systems. Legal English comes from the Common Law terminology, where many terms can be understood only against a Common Law background because these laws do not have a straight equivalent in Islamic or Arab Civil Law codes. However, Legal Arabic is inclusive of the Islamic Law and Civil Law.

    Automated translation is never accurate: It is this diversity that makes it almost impossible for language translation software and other automated technology to do an Arabic to English translation without any errors. Automatons cannot place a language in its localized context, and therefore, confuse between homonyms and homographs. Machines, unlike human translators, also lack the ability to assign cultural variations and colloquialisms, which can majorly affect the outcome of a legal translation. That is why nothing beats an experienced, native Arabic translator when it comes to English to Arabic or vice versa translations of legal documents.

    Our translation procedures are transparent, and the framework for each category of work conforms to a high benchmark, making us one of the most trusted and noteworthy companies worldwide when it comes to legal translations. Our team comprises many gifted and talented linguists and legal experts who know the importance of legalities of all kinds of businesses and legal matter and use utmost discretion in handling sensitive documents.

    They often cross-check facts and go for a round of in-house checking before seeking the approval of the customers, which helps us maintain a very high quality of legal translation. We have a huge list of satisfied clienteles from all walks of life, and different nations, and their testimonies will vouch for the quality of our translations.

    Our effort is to co-ordinate our expertise with a good comprehension of regional preferences, and our interpreters, honed through years of hands-on training ensure we don’t miss even the unspoken word. Which is why, we are at the top of the translating and interpreting business, today.

    Our team that handles Translate English to Arabic services in Dubai comprehends the necessity of exact translations as per the requirements of our clients. That is why we let an interpreter take over first, to understand what the needs of the customer are, and then, the translating team takes over the documentation work they need to be translated.

    This means we can add local parlance and nuances to the documents which will give you the additional edge of a certain sense of familiarity with the laws and culture of the place – this is where we ace it as compared to other language translation services in the state.

    English to Arabic translation is essential for…

    All businesses and court proceedings: Though Arabic is the official language, English is the largest spoken common language across the seven Emirates because the UAE is residence to many expats. This means most often the original documents are in English or other foreign languages and they will need to be translated into Arabic before being submitted to the UAE government authorities or the courts.

    Legal documentation: Many a time, people are unaware of recent changes in law. For example, in December 2018, a new rule introduced by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai stated that all marriage and birth certificates submitted to support dependent visa applications will also have to be legally translated into Arabic. In fact, many government authorities accept documents submitted only in Arabic.

    The most important point: Most government authorities only accept translations done by an officially certified translation service provider in Dubai, like us – we are certified Translation Company.

    Sometimes, companies look at the cost factor involved in legal translations an decide accordingly. But what they should really consider is whether the Arabic translation is an accurate representation of what is written in English, or not. This is because translation errors can prove costly to a business in the long term. And if there are delays, etc., there can even be financial implications because in case any legal issues were to crop up, Arabic translations will always be held true, and if there are any translation discrepancies, you stand to lose at the court. Therefore, no shrewd businessman should ever overlook the importance of employing the services of a first-class translator.

    When engaging the services of a translator, look for:

    • Whether they are MoJ certified – this means more accuracy of the translated documents
    • A trusted name in the translation business – someone who is known to maintain the integrity of your documents, and not just translate the words
    • Whether they are known for their speed and delivery promises
    • A company that engages and invests in knowing you as well as your business before beginning the translations

    Transforming the World of Professional Translation. Interested, but in a hurry?

    We provide legal and certified translations in Dubai in 150+ languages. Of them all, there are 10 languages that are high on demand, going by the frequency of client requests. Below are a few of the many languages we provide certified legal translations in Dubai for

    • English to Arabic legal translation services in Dubai
    • French to English and to Arabic – certified legal translation services in Dubai
    • Spanish to English and to Arabic – we are certified translation service providers in Dubai
    • Russian to English and to Arabic –we are certified legal translators in Dubai
    • German to English and to Arabic – certified translation services in Dubai
    • Italian to English and to Arabic – certified translation services in Dubai
    • Portuguese to English and to Arabic – certified legal translation services in Dubai
    • Croatian to English and to Arabic – certified legal translation services in Dubai
    • Translation of all the legal documents required for Canadian immigration to Dubai.
    • Czech translation services in Dubai – Certified translation in Dubai
    • Polish to English to Arabic – certified translators
    • Turkish to English and Arabic certified translation services Dubai
    • Korean to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Croatian to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Slovakian to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Dutch to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Chinese to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Ukrainian to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Polish to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Latvian to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Latin to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Hindi to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Urdu to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Hebrew to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Hungarian to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Dari to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Tamil to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Greek to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Romanian to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Thai to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Bosnian to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Uzbek to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Kazakh to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Serbian to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Azeri to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Slovenian to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Farsi to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai
    • Amharic to English and Arabic translation services in Dubai

    We are the only company that provides legal translation services in Dubai in all of the above, plus many other globally recognized languages.

    We know you are new to the market, and so, offer suggestions and tips so that you can take corrective measures as you get permissions and put your policies to work in the local language. We handle:

    • Agreements and contracts of all kinds
    • Patents and permit documents
    • Litigation and court papers
    • Certificates – marriage/death/education/immigration and more
    • Court papers, legal emails, summons, etc.
    • Compliance policies and procedures
    • Official rules and regulations
    • User manuals, toolkit explanators, and more
    • Terms and conditions

    For a quick and accurate delivery of translated documents of all of the above and more, we follow a disciplined approach, with our specialists handling the clients with utmost respect and care. Our linguists have a strong grasp of the languages they handle, an in-depth knowledge of all the legal terminologies. With every client, even if it is someone who needs just one sheet of paper translated, we endeavor to:

    Understand the objective of translation: We ask questions of when, how and what. Unless we are clear on the intent of the document, and where it is going to be used, we do not proceed with the translation work. This is the key to our success, as this ensures we rarely err on the accuracy of the document.

    We tell the customer we are certified legal translators: This means documents translated by us can be used for official purposes, legal court proceedings, compliance and policy requirements, and at all government offices.

    We constantly update ourselves with the latest in the legal system: Be it administrative, judicial or governmental polices, rules and laws, we constantly keep abreast of the latest changes and amendments. This helps us give the customer the right nuance of intent during the translation of their documents.

    We invest in our team: We ensure every member of the team is a certified legal expert, with exceptional educational background. Our linguists are experts in language pairs and are well-versed in regional dialects, nuances and cultural impact of law. This ensures quality work from our side an acceptance of our legally translated documents across all professional, legal and governmental setups world over.

    We have a style-guide that we diligently follow: When it comes to legal translations and Arabic to English translations, it’s important to follow a set pattern for judicial purposes. Courts, judges and government officials scan documents for certain phraseology and terminology to see if the translated documents understand the cultural nuances of the legal system of their country. This is where our established style-guide comes in handy. Usage of correct phrases enables the documents to be cleared quickly through the legal channels.

    We happily edit and proofread till we perfect it: We know it’s a tedious process for you, we know you have deadlines, and therefore, we don’t want to hassle you further. And so, as your legal translation services provider, we go all out to perfect your document with multiple levels of editing and proofreading in quick succession. Our expertise in maintaining consistency and accuracy is unparalleled in the industry.

    We ARE your certified language partner in every sense: You can outsource your translation work to us and rest easy. With our range or legal translation and documentation services and solutions, we can take care of all your requirements. We suggest language pairs, objective of document, and more within specified timelines. We are adept at handling the entire gamut of the legal translation process for you, with minimum fuss and the best rates in the market.

    The strict legal translation procedures that we follow at QTS

    First, let’s ask you a question: How do you know if your legal translator is qualified to do your job? Is the company certified? Is the company well-aware of the laws of their homeland as well as of your country?

    A translator is different from a legal translator. In your professional sphere, you would have many a time, required translations for professional documents, business deals, law enforcement notices, medical facilities, reports, etc… educational institutions as well others also use regular translation services.

    But legal translation is a different ballgame altogether. If you are hiring a legal translator for the first time, you need to check their reputation, and provenance… Merely being a criminal lawyer in Dubai, for instance, does not make the person a great English to Arabic legal translator. Do you have an outlining guide to figure out the qualifications of the translation company?

    So, the things you need to check are…

    • Is your translation company offering proofreading services as well? We, at QTS do because we know that it is important to have a translated legal document proofread by a second translator. It makes our clients feel comfortable and more at-ease as it gives them a feeling of the document being more accurate.
    • What legal dictionary does your translation company use? Even the most professional and proficient translators need to refer to law dictionaries at times. At QTS, we use the highly recommended Black’s Law Dictionary and Ballentine’s Law Dictionary – both of which have a reputation for containing almost every legal definition. Both these dictionaries are highly recommended and only few translators across the globe use both. We also have elite and exclusive access to the top bilingual legal dictionaries in all the languages we translate into – from English, German, French, Polish to Spanish and Italian.
    • What kind of reference materials do the legal translators you are about to engage the services of, own? We encourage clients to look at the legal reference materials we have at QTS for ready reference, so that they are comfortable and aware of our depth of knowledge in the legal matters pertaining to various countries across the globe. It also gives them an insight into the types of documents we handle and the extent of our expertise. Legal concepts, terms and phrases are not ‘the same’ in meaning in different languages, and therefore, without referring to a legal dictionary, it’s not possible to provide legal translation services. And if the client is remote, or long-distance, we inform them ourselves about this.
    • Do they have a legacy of proven previous works? Legal translators should be very forthcoming in sharing their famous works with new clients. We at QTS have a bank of such legal translated documents that include testimonies, consultation and opinion documents, court cases that were translated into various languages, as well as from Arabic to English, legal consultation interpretations and more… we have a ready reckoner of regulations, bills and amendments of law, tax codes, etc., for primary reference, too.
    • Is your translator well-versed with your native as well as your host country’s constitution codes for civil and commercial laws? Also, do they have experts who know the criminal and civil procedures codes? At QTS, we have experts who are very clear about the key legal concepts for all the 150 languages we provide translation service for.
    • Does your legal translator show interest in understanding the document you want translated? The translators at QTS spend a considerable amount of time sitting with the client and understanding the source content, so that, instead of simply translating word to word, they get the wholistic concept for the need for the translation.
    Companies that already trust us and use our services for their translation solutions.

    Trusted Partners