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In the world of increasingly globalized society, information from one culture to another can distort its meaning. A word can totally change its meaning depending on the context. For example, an “owl” can mean wise in western context, but can mean a totally opposite in another culture. So the background is necessary catering to each culture’s unique fabric. Media plays an important in merging cultures and promoting brands. In order for a company of one country to present its brand in another country, or even within another country with different language group, the barrier needs to be broken with a good translation, otherwise it can backfire and jeopardize your marketing strategy and budget. Western companies learnt it the hard way in China, and what they considered trivial was in fact not. Nevertheless, competition is tight, and businesses need to attract even better in their campaigns to survive. And that means touching the heart of their audiences.

The audience can only be accessed, and entertained if they are presented with the information they are receptable to. Our work at QTS, is to localize the content, to make it understandable and appealing to the individuals, and make your company as truly global.



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