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Immigration, be it to any nation, is not an easy task. Apart from the stress of having to organize a million things, there is also the added worry about having to settle down in a totally new place and creating a life there. But there is one worry we can take right out of your hands and solve it for you beautifully…

We take care of all your translation needs :
That is the translation of all the paperwork involved when moving from one nation to another, where the language, socio-cultural ethos, laws, rules and way of life are varied and different. When it comes to Canadian immigration translation, we don’t leave anything to chance. Again, we are the legal, certified and authorized translation services provider in Dubai and around the world for immigration. A simple ‘translation services near me’ on the internet would throw up our name at the top and all you have to do is either approach us online for a free quote and a quick chat about all the formalities involved, or just pick up the phone and call us.

At QTS, the quality checks are stringent :
We follow a meticulous step-by-step process when it comes to Canadian immigration translation (by the way, we do immigration paperwork translation for many other languages as well), which begins with a talk with our customer. After that, the process we follow is as below…

  • Your document is carefully scrutinized by a senior along with the expert certified translator
  • We then talk to you again about the procedure involved, and how the documentation and translation work will proceed.
  • The documents are read, and re-read by our experts at various levels to evaluate authenticity, and check if everything is correct
  • We then talk to the customer about the intent of immigration, whether it is for job, or business purposes
  • The documents are translated as quickly as possible, with a focus on accuracy
  • The translated document is again passed through various levels of proofreading and quality check to make it error free.
  • Finally, the translated document is handed over to the customer along with all the originals
    At QTS, because we handle many Canadian immigration translation jobs at the same time during the season, we have, over the years, established a set of tried-and-tested standardized procedure to make workflow smooth and easy for us, and to minimize the downtime for the customers. Once we translate the immigration papers, you can rest easy that your documents will be accepted by all the concerned authorities. This is what makes us the top certified Canada Immigration Translation Services in Dubai and all over the UAE.

What makes us the experts in Canada immigration translation?
This is a very valid question, and in fact, everyone seeking translation services nearby and in Dubai must verify the authenticity of the ‘translation company near me’ in Dubai. Like we proudly mention often, we are certified and authorized to translate immigration papers. While this makes your job of submitting the accurately translated papers 90 per cent easy, there are other advantages, too, which add up to more than 100 per cent in terms of value for money and ease of communication

  • To begin with, we have sources in Canada who keep tabs on all the changing laws and amendments thereof, so we are at the top of the game all the time.
  • Many of our translators are experts in dual languages – Canadian English as well as Arabic.
  • Most of our expert translators specialize in immigration documentation and translation, and many of them hail from Canada. This makes them recognize and understand the various localized cultural nuances and dialects in and around Canada.
  • Our team also possesses the legal and technical expertise to guide you, in case you need help with the documentation work, notary, etc.
Why is Canada immigration difficult and needs expert translation by QTS?
While we, at QTS, provide immigration translation services in almost all the international languages spoken around the world, Canadian translation is the trickiest, and also the most in demand. Now, unlike with other nations, Canadian language is not a standardized single language like spoken English. Though Canada is a small country, it is culturally and linguistically varied and diverse. This means it’s spoken language and social ethos is a mix of various languages, practices and delicate nuances.
Rich Canadian dialects:
Advent of newer, millennial words have only enriched their vocabulary and this is often missed during mundane translation work. We, as the best translation company near by and in Dubai, offer the best translation services to all our clients – be they students or the seniors who are planning to migrate to Canada in search of a better life. Which is why we have employed experts who keep track of the constant changes in the linguistic fabric of Canada, which often also includes French and archaic English words.
Our translation passes immigration officials checks:
This means at the person at the immigration office, who scrutinizes your paper and interviews you, will also check whether you have kept up to date with all these changes, and trust us, an accurately translated set of document that hasn’t missed out on any local parlance goes a long way in impressing the officer at the other end of the table.
We are best: Our stringent quality checks and benchmarks makes us one of the most trusted companies for Canada immigration translation services in Dubai. Migrating to Canada is the trend these days, and our services and translators are overbooked all the time, but we have always delivered top-notch work for each of our customer without compromising on quality.
So, come to us, get your verified documents translated at very nominal costs, and you will see that your documents pass the official authentication easily and in no time, you will get your visa and fly off to Canada!

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