Consecutive Interpretation Services in Dubai

Due to our expertise and skill, we are greatly in demand when it comes to consecutive interpreting. QTS offers one of the best consecutive interpreting services in Dubai and JLT, and we have a large base of international clientele who depend on us for consecutive interpretation services across a spectrum of industries.
What is consecutive interpretation service?
In this type of translation, there is a time lapse between what a person says, and its interpretation for the audience. So, the interpreter listens to the speaker, and after each sentence, or a certain part of the speech, reproduces the speech in the chosen or target-language, for the audience. Essentially, in consecutive interpretation service, the interpreter recreates the meaning of the information from the speaker, rather than memorising his words and just translating it verbatim. This helps build in those delicate regional nuances of a language during translation.
Our consecutive interpreters are experts:
At QTS, we know that mere bilingualism is not enough to be a highly qualified consecutive translator, and hence have a vast network of interpreters in 100+ languages across the globe who are specially trained for this. They are skilled multi-taskers possessing excellent shorthand speed, as well as strong short-term and long-term memories. They can remember what the speaker said, process it and then translate it into the required language. They are articulate and easily grasp the cultural context of what is being spoken, and are up to date with a variety of subjects such as current affairs, history, politics, sports, etc. They are also adept at introducing stylistic elements as and when required into their interpretations.
We provide consecutive interpretation services in 100+ languages:
Yes, we cover all the major languages and dialects of the world, which makes us the best consecutive interpretation service provider in Dubai and JLT today. Our expert team knows formal and informal terminologies, legal terms, and cultural references of various countries. They also grasp dialect nuances and are adept at handling delicate and important speeches with ease. Our team of interpreters can switch between multiple, take notes and also maintain an eye contact with the speaker so as to not miss a single second of the proceedings. QTS provides the first-class, specialized consecutive interpretation services in 100+ languages, through our qualified experts, who apart from linguistic expertise, also possess ample industry experience so as to be familiar with specific terminologies, phrases of expressions and unspoken ideas behind each sentence that is spoken.

We provide complete communication solutions:

We provide translation service of all kinds, along with consecutive interpretation solutions, and are therefore well equipped to cater to tailor-made customer demands and needs. Some of the in-demand consecutive translations we provide are for:

  • High-level corporate meets
  • Seminars/paper presentation
  • Speeches
  • Interviews – both live and in-video
  • Legal proceedings
    With so much to offer, our clients know that once they come to us with a requirement, we sit with them and understand their needs. After this, a specific project manager, most suited to ably deliver the task at hand is assigned. We then ensure that the project is executed for complete customer satisfaction, by providing a consecutive interpretation solutions package that caters to all the client’s needs. We undertake such project across a vast number of industries, and have an extensive portfolio of customers who are happy with our services. Just look for consecutive interpretation services nearby and you can easily find us. Once you contact us, we will ensure that you get accurate, clear and nuanced communication in the language of your choice at the best industry rates. So, get in touch with u today and never let a language barrier stop you from attaining success.

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Consecutive Interpretation in Dubai

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