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Italian is one of the most spoken languages across Europe, and Italy, being a tourist hotspot, is home to many businesses. Not only that, Italian is also spoken across America and Australia. Every day, new business opportunities crop up there and people also make travel plans. Therefore, many people search for translation services nearby for Italian translation requirements. And when people look or Certified Italian legal translation near me, they reach our website and look no further as we are the best translation services nearby in Dubai and JLT.

QTS offers the best Italian Translation Services :

Our company has a robust network of native Italian speakers spread across Europe, America and Australia. As a result, they are experts in the nuances of the language’s many dialects.

They are also very knowledgeable about all the legalities of the regional and common laws, apart from being well-versed with the socio-cultural differences. That is why they are able to efficiently translate all kinds of documents with ease. They follow the best translation practices to translate documents from Italian to Arabic, Italian to English and vice versa.

Error-free top-quality translation :
Certified Italian legal translation near me: That’s us at QTS, right here in Dubai and JLT. Once you come to us, our experienced and professional translators take over, and quickly have a chat with you to find out the context of the document to be translated. This helps them understand the cultural and legal relevance of the translation and give you error-free document right at the first instance. They know how to deal with private documents, and keep them discreet, too. Among all the documents we translate into Italian on a daily basis, we also get

Business contracts and permits : 
  • Private documents such as prenuptial agreements and wedding certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Bank Statements
  • Official and legal documents
  • Papers to be presented for judicial purposes
  • User and IT manuals
  • Software localisation projects, and more
  • The quality checks at QTS

Once the client’s documents are translated, they are checked by a senior editor, and a team of proof readers to ensure everything is correct and the document is as per the client’s requirements. Then follows a factual check of all that’s written on the document. Only then is it handed over. This ensures that the documents translated by us have a high acceptance rate at all government offices.

We customise and take care of our customers :
Each time someone types ‘Translation company near me’ looking for translation services nearby, our name comes right at the top. This is because we understand that there are over 90 million Italian speaking people worldwide, and many of them require translation services either to do business elsewhere, or as expatriates, in their own country. Therefore, we do not consider any translation job big or small, and undertake jobs of individual clients with the same passion as we do large projects of corporate conglomerates.
The testimonials of our clients drive us to excel, and most of them swear by our expertise in contextual Italian translation of all the documents. We never go for any machine translation, as they do not do justice to the nuances of Italian language. Our stringent quality control measures and the expertise of our linguists are what makes us the best translators in business today. And you get all this at very affordable prices, too. So just type ‘translation company near me’ on the internet to find us and call us for all your Italian translation solutions.

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