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Simultaneous Interpretation System

Simultaneous Interpretation System in Dubai

This type of interpretation is extremely ideal for larger events when there is an involvement of two or more of the languages:

The simultaneous interpretation is a process when some form of speech or oral communication is itself interpreted in a way that it doesn’t actually disrupt the original flow of the speaker. The simultaneous interpreters work in pairs most of the times. They sit in a soundproof room where they have access to the speaker’s video. The interpreters listen to the speech of the speaker with access to the video feed and uninterrupted of the flow through the microphones or the headphones itself. There is a requirement of the specialized equipment for maintaining seamless of the communication with the help of our simultaneous interpretation solutions. Well, this type of interpretation is extremely ideal for larger events when there is an involvement of the two or more of the languages. The interpreted message has to be delivered to the target audience instantly in order to facilitate their participation in the entire event.

Interpretation Equipment UAE

The expert simultaneous interpreters working in our organization utilize top class interpreting technology:

The events where the specialized Simultaneous Interpretation is required include the conferences, symposia, training programs and also large-sized presentations. It helps in breaking down the language barrier which acts as a hindrance in between the communication of the native speakers of distinguished of the languages. The expert simultaneous interpreters working in our organization utilize the top class interpreting technology. It facilitates the simultaneous interpretation services to be actually performed in a smoothness manner so that there is no interruption or distraction to the speaker or the audience during the entire event. Our team works in close collaboration with the clients during the planning stage and also all throughout the event. We cover around 100+ languages all over the world and cater to almost all major industries. Our company makes sure that all our interpreters are subject matter experts too and extends the continuous and uninterrupted flow of information through the utilization of the correct terminology as well as the phrasing.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment:

Besides having some of the best professional simultaneous interpreters in this region, we are also able to provide the translation equipment that is necessary for any event, conference, workshop or situation where simultaneous interpreting is required. Our preferred brand of equipment is BOSCH.

  • Infrared receivers
  • Radiators
  • Sound-proof booths
  • Control Units
  • Site technicians
  • Microphones
  • Speakers

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Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment in Dubai

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