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With business and striking new deals, comes the part of networking, meeting and greeting people, and many other such informal events. Now, if this is all in the same language, the situation eases a bit, but when on a foreign ground, interacting with new partners, or colleagues or even people in general becomes a challenge. But since communication is the key, many of our clients come to us for liaison interpretation services in Dubai and JLT.
What is liaison interpretation?
This is an informal form of interpretation, and is best for small business meetings, meeting foreign delegates and hosting official lunches, etc. In such cases, our interpreter accompanies the delegation or the group whenever and wherever needed, and translates as and when required.
At QTS, we have the best multilingual interpreters:
As workspaces and businesses went multilingual, we saw the demand in the market and have now put together a global network of linguists who are comfortable with interpreting at all environments, be it personal or business situation. Our liaison interpreters expertly create an accurate channel of communication between the speakers of different languages. Our liaison interpretation service in Dubai is the most sought after by everyone from visiting dignitaries to.
Our interpreters are accurate and quick:
Though this type of interpretation is not easy, we have trained our team to be up to date with various topics ranging from politics to sports to cultural events, and to also quickly catch nuanced cultural references in the speaker’s language. As a result, our liaison interpretation service is the best, as our linguists are capable of handling much more than mere direct translation of the language. They can adapt to any environment and are quick, unobtrusive and efficient.
QTS caters to a wide range of businesses: We understand that to translate between speakers of different languages is the task of an expert. And so, our skilled team is an expert at working with people from all walks of life – politicians, business honchos, CEOs and industrialists, celebrities, and more.The areas we do translation and interpretation for also include:
  • For witnesses and people in the court of law
  • Lawyers-clients and other legal affairs
  • Diplomatic meetings
  • High-level corporate meetings
  • Tourists and sight-seeing groups
  • People wanting to deal with government agencies
In such delicate occasions, we assign our best liaison interpreters who stays with the visiting team/delegation, interpreting as and when required – mostly in phrases or sentences. Their endeavour is customer satisfaction and to that end, they try to establish a direct link between the participants via effective communication. They use simple language, are congenial, accurate and go beyond the call of duty to create a connect between the two people who are in a discussion or are speaking to others.
We employ well-read, smart interpreters:
Since our interpreter has to accompany the clients to various high-profile events and places, we ensure our liaison interpreters are spiffy, smart a very erudite. We understand that liaison interpretation service is a specialised niche of business and therefore, we ensure our project manager has done the requisite homework, is aware and is extremely well-presented on the day of the business. They ensure they meet the client beforehand, to get a thorough understanding of what the need is – this helps a lot in business meetings, as this increases the chances of a successful negotiation. We are aware of the importance of our role as translators and always strive to offer our clients complete communication solutions.
What makes QTS the best liaison interpretation service providers in Dubai:
Imagine a scenario where the interpreter is so efficient that he conveys most accurately all the thoughts, expressions, as well as regional and cultural ethos, nuances and meanings to the client after listening to the target language, and vice versa. This is the norm at QTS, where we set the benchmarks quite high. Be it informal settings, small business meetings, counselling sessions, negotiation between a few businessmen, or legal matters, our interpreter acts as a mediator for facilitating communication between the two parties, constantly switching from one language to the other, and handling it professionally. So, come to us for all your needs for liaison interpretation service in Dubai, and will offer the best customised solution for you, at very reasonable rates.

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Liaison Interpretation Services in Dubai

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