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Dubai is an ultra-modern state today. It is also on of the most coveted business centres of the world. Many Fortune 500 companies from around the world to do business there, and thousands from across the globe work there. It is quite natural, therefore, that there is a huge demand for legal translation in Dubai. Especially, legal translation in JLT, as it is a business hub. Do you know, the most searched for tagsonline in Dubai are ‘Translation Company nearby’ and ‘Arabic translation near me’.

Why Arabic translation services important?
Every country has its own laws and legal system – Dubai does, too. A major aspect of legal translation in Dubai is about English to Arabic Translation in Dubai and Arabic to English Legal Translation in Dubai. The reason for this is many:
Arabic to English translation in Dubai is mostly legal documents being translated from English to Arabic or from Arabic to English. The need for a translation company near me arises whenever someone wants.

    • Immigration documents legal translation in JLT& Dubai.
    • Asylum-seeking papers and documents Arabic to English legal translation in Dubai.
    • Business deal documents and papers translation company in Dubai.
    • Legal translation in UAE for education-related documentation purposes.
    • Legal proforma agreements and documentation translation services in JLT& Dubai.
    • Official contracts, employee code of conduct, and other business-related documents English to Arabic Translation in Dubai.

Also, anyone interested in working in Dubai or doing business here should know that many departments such as the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and other government offices accept only documents in Arabic.

Why QTS is the best?

We have the experts: At QTS, the best translation company in Dubai and translation services in JLT, we have expert translators at the job just for you. Our linguists and legal translators are experts in the legal fields and know how to address the socio-cultural difference between English and Arabic written and spoken language systems.
We know every legal aspect:
When a client types ‘English to Arabic Translation in Dubai’ on the internet, and comes to us, our legal translators who are also linguists appraise them about the differences in legal systems of the Shariat Law and the English Laws. They understand the requirement of the client, and translate accordingly, having interpreted terminological nuances, sentence construction and textual relevance of their documents.
Expertise in Arabic as well as English:
At QTS, the team’s endeavour is to help clients communicate with their target audience in an effective way, and get the intended message across loud and clear. Our team has the expertise to deliver world-class Arabic to English and English to Arabic translations for various kinds of documents. We offer –
  • Arabic to English and English to Arabic translation services:
And by this, we don’t mean just a rough, general translation. We provide accurate, exact translation services in Dubai, that can pass the extreme scrutiny of any government official, and increase the chances of your documents being accepted without the need for any revisions. We are very strong with our Arabic translations services in Dubai and legal translation services in JLT and conform only to the highest standards of translation
  • Arabic and English proofreading services:
QTS is the most reputed Translation Company in Dubai providing Arabic to English Legal Translation in Dubai. But we also provide proofreading services for our clients to enable them to get the correct and most accurate documentation done. We have in our team, interpreters of legal documents as well as general documents such as memorandumsand advertisements. Our talented pool of linguists can proofread even the most complicated legal documents accurately, and help you get your documents readied in a precise manner.
  • Interpreting services for Arabic and English:
When it comes to interpretation services, nothing is easy for English to Arabic translation services or Arabic to English translation. At QTS, we take interpretation services very seriously and do multiple checks before handing the finished document to the client because we know that even a single misrepresented word can change the relevance of the whole document and possibly lead you into legal issues later. We get it correct the very first time by researching the relevant laws when it comes to legal documents interpretation and business disputes, etc.
  • Localisation services for Arabic to English translation in Dubai:
This is a sector where most English to Arabic translation service in JLT are needed. IT companies, software developers, and manufacturers come to us more for English to Arabic translation services in Dubai, and many new to Dubai business also come to us by searching out ‘Translation services nearby’ on the internet. Operation manuals, office codes of conduct, important researches to be printed all require localisation into Arabic in Dubai. Our translators are completely equipped and qualified for this localisation services – our expert linguists are not only fluent in the Arabic and other languages, they are also specialised experts in different sectors such as the IT industry, manufacturing industry, electronics, etc, and therefore, know the detailed implications of every sentence they localise into Arabic. Legal translation in UAE is a major part of our work at QTS and we are the best and most authentic services for legal translation Dubai.
The best Arabic legal translation services:
One of the reasons why our name comes tops when you search for ‘translation office near me’ or ‘English to Arabic translation’ or ‘Legal translation near me’ is that we have expertise in understanding the nuances of various spoken dialects around the world and are therefore able to provide accurate legal translation in Dubai for our clients.
Happy clients are our best advertisement:
At QTS, we know that Arabic to English translations are of prime importance for any legal, corporate, judicial or civil documentation, and so, we take this very seriously, and have only the best talents in the world working for us in this department. Our clients include high-profile government officials, corporate honchos, businessmen, students, immigration seekers and many more. We provide them all with translation work of the highest quality. We have a huge list of happy clients, who not only refer us to their acquaintances and friends, but keep coming back to us with more and more work. This is what makes us the best in legal translation in JLT-Dubai & Worldwide.

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