Machine Translation vs Human Translation: Which is better or who is better?

Translating legal documents has always been handled by professional human translators because they possess the necessary linguistic expertise, cultural context knowledge, and judgment skills to determine how and what to translate.

While machine translation (MT) is still not an option for every type of legal content, it has proven to be a viable alternative in some cases due to faster turnaround times and lower costs.

When it comes to legal translation services in Dubai, you might be unsure whether to go with machine-based or human translation.

The following are the common aspects associated with any translation service provider that one should keep in mind while evaluating the best choice.

  • Legal translation requires a high level of attention to detail and context sensitivity. Hence, one shouldn’t leave it to an automated translation service. There are, however, many circumstances in which you can use machine translation.
  • In legal literature, repetition and monotony are constant, and jargon is used consistently. Translators should always build translation memories and manually check software output for accuracy.
  • Translation companies combine the talents of both humans and machines, which allows most repetitive tasks to be done by automation, allowing humans to focus on improving the overall quality of the text.

For this reason, you have to consider the following three factors when choosing the required service.

  • Norms of quality

Legal experts and linguists at legal translation companies in Dubai can make better decisions on translation. Especially for government documents and financial documents, human translation can deliver greater accuracy. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence is gaining ground rapidly in its ability to comprehend contexts and understandings. Ultimately, it relies on a human translator to ensure the correctness of the translation.

  • Optimal speed-accuracy balance

Nothing is more important than deadlines in legal proceedings, and nothing beats machine translation. With machine translation, the experts can translate volumes of data more quickly than humans could ever hope to. However, accuracy is more important, so you need human supervision to ensure that the translation meets the expectations.

  • Budgetary requirements

There are different costs that businesses can spend on a particular project. When looking for a translation office in Dubai, you will look for a company that offers quality services for a reasonable price. A human translation would be the better option in such a scenario since it is more accurate and cost-effective.

In Summary

As a result, legal teams place a high priority on content accuracy. Content requires cultural understanding and context. The materials use creative language that may be difficult to translate. A complex project such as this requires the collaboration of professional translators. Choosing what to interpret and how to translate should be based on judgment.

All these requirements need Specialists in human linguistics to translate the languages. Therefore, amongst the pool of legal translation agencies in the UAE, a service provider using human translation might be the best choice. Depending on your needs and requirements, this might vary.

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