Why Translators Use Translation Memories for Their Projects?

What is Translation Memories?

The translators save the translated text segments for future reference. It is common for professional translators to receive similar documents for translation over and over again. If a translator receives a document for interpretation services Dubai, he or she will translate the document and save it for future reference. When another customer will come with the same translation document, he or she will use the previous translation text.

How Translation Memories Save Time?

It is important to mention that translators work hard to translate one document into another language. When a translator translates a document for the first time, it takes more time than normal. The subsequent translations of the same document take less time.

That is the reason behind saving the translated text segments for future use. It saves a great deal of time and the translators who know the art of using the previously translated text saves too much time. This technique makes the translator productive and efficient.

To begin, the purpose of working with a TM is to accelerate the translation process. It is particularly useful for long, technical and scientific projects in any field and in almost all language combinations.

When Do Translation Memories Not Work?

It is important to mention that only the relevant text can be used for the future document. The translator should not use the previously translated text if the new document is different than the previous one.

The translators who have much work to do can use this technique to increase their productivity. On the other hand, the translator needs to take great care while using the past translated text.

The translation companies now the importance of translation memories. They always use the past translated text parts. If you are a translator or a translator company, you should also make use of it.

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