Why Legal Language Translations are Tricky and How to Handle Them

For most of us, figuring out what a legal document says itself is a difficult thing – let alone translating it in different languages! That is why legal language translations are tricky, and need an expert handling. When a legal document needs to be translated into another language, especially in a place like Dubai and JLT, it has to be done so keeping mind the cultural, social as well as legal undertones of the language it is being translated into. undertake and achieve with accuracy that’s required in the legal environment.

Why legal translation is a challenge

Now, no automated translator is programmed to understand nuanced terminologies, or everyday legal parlance. So, they don’t work. One needs to hire the services of a good legal translation service provider for this. But before handing over your documents, ensure they are certified, and are up to taking up the challenge to an accurate conclusion – a company like Quality Translation Services DMCC, that has the required expertise and also ensures accuracy of the translated works.

What do you mean by legal documents?

This is another area that most of us get confused. Legal documents are not only those documents that pertain to court proceedings. Anything that uses or refers to the laws of a certain nation to make a rule, or set a process in place is a legal document. And in that sense, legal documents that require a translation service provider’s expertise include contracts, company documents, official policy communications in foreign languages, patents, financial statements, birth, death, marriage certificates, affidavits, driving license and more.

When it comes to languages, why is legal translation tough?

When languages to be translated into, and translated from are commonly used ones, there is not much of an issue, as the commonalities in the legal system can also be taken into consideration. However, certified legal translation service providers such as QTS-DMCC know how to deal with less spoken and more complicated languages, too. Termed one of the best legal translation company in Dubai and JLT, QTS provides legal translation in over 150 languages spoken worldwide. The other thing is, inaccurate legal translation can land you in a lot of mess legally, cost you money to rectify, as well as considerable embarrassment. Imagine a court case where you do not necessarily speak the local language – your statement, crucial to the case just cannot afford to have a single mistake. Get the drift?

Legal translation service in Dubai and JLT

This is one of the most needed services in the Dubai and JLT zones as they are the hub of all activity in the UAE. That is the reason why there are many translation service providers in this area. But the real trick lies in doing a good amount of research and reaching out to the best in business to get your job done. Hire a certified legal translation company that has a good reputation of providing error-free copies within specified deadlines, is fast, efficient and cost-effective.

How QTS handles legal translation challenges

  • They are absolutely focused on customer satisfaction.
  • They maintain confidentiality – an essential aspect of legal translation service provider.
  • They provide complete communication solutions for global players, helping the client discover added opportunities for expansion and growth.
  • They have expert linguists and qualified legal eagles to tackle any complex legal translation, and possess a wide range of skill sets. All of them are well-versed in cross-border legalities, wording, meaning and tonalities of legal language.
  • The understanding of legal jargon, a must-have skill for legal translator is something that all the linguists at QTS are adept at.
  • They proofread every document for its proximity to original content, eliminating loopholes.


When you need one, go for the best legal translation company nearby Dubai and JLT. Someone who has the most skilled translators, are certified by local authorities to endorse the documents they translate. According to a recent survey in The Economist, around 750 million cross-border eCommerce disputes each various court across the globe every year due to translation issues and ‘lost in translation’ meanings. To stay out of this, go for the best legal translation service provider.

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