Why Arabic Legal Translation In Dubai Occupies an Important Space?

Arabic is a vast language with a rich legacy, heritage and history. Being one of the official languages in the UN, Arabic has been identified as the official language in over 22 countries, which comprise the mighty Arab League. With 300 million Arabic speakers all over the world, Arabic legal translation in Dubai has gained momentum in recent years, thanks to the mushrooming number of companies providing translation services in Dubai.

When someone is searching, “Arabic translation services near me?”, they might not even be aware of where they need to delve deeper with regards to translation services and interpretation services in Dubai in JLT.

Challenges faced during Arabic legal translation in Dubai –

While looking forward to translation in Dubai &Jlt, are you googling Arabic translation services near me? Many service providers are involved in translation in Dubai &Jlt but choosing the best can be a tedious task at hand.  Before finding the right team, you need to understand the setbacks in the legal translation process. Many issues unwind while translating arab legal documents. Hence, for the translation and interpretation services in Dubai,you need to keep a number of factors in mind. Let’s explore what arabic legal translation in Dubai &Jlt should comprise of:


  • Vernacular differences: The evolution of arab legal systems has been prompt. It has gone through many alterations over the past few decades. The influence of Islamic Sharia, Ottuman Kanun law, British common law and the Napoleonic Code is evident. With respect to court systems and legal procedures, there is no tailored approach.Every Arabic legal translator has to be familiar with various terms in different Arab regions and states. Translation in Dubai &Jlt has its own challenges with this one occupying the first place. Interpretation services should be done in a way where you can overcome this challenge with respect to arabic legal translation in Dubai &Jlt.
  • Homonyms abound: In Arabic, talking in a legal context, a single word can mean different things. When you mistranslate many words like “action” or “procedures”, it can dissimulate the entire meaning. It all depends on the context.

The legal translator should possess sound knowledge to translate every word accurately. While many people limit themselves to searching “Arabic translation services near me,” they do not look into it with the deeper context while taking care of interpretation services in Dubai.

  • Many documents are handwritten: Even though the Arabic translation industry has gone digital entirely, there are many Arabic documents still relying upon longhand methods. Majority of the witness testimony, depositions and other legal documents are in handwritten form. Photocopying of these documents is done very quickly. Hence source materials are quite hard to read during arabic legal translation in Dubai &Jlt.

While dealing with translation in Dubai &Jlt, you need to focus on how much expertise the team could showcase in the industry. They should also be aware of what they should expect from the interpretation services in Dubai and Arabic legal translation in Dubai.

How can Arabic legal translation agencies support you?

If you are searching for “Arabic translation services near me,” you should know what you should be specifically looking for. These are the factors you should remember while you depend on translation services in Dubai:

  1. Delivering top-notch experience: Arabic legal translation in Dubai isn’t an easy road to walk. With time and expertise, we get to crack the hard nut. The best Arabic legal translation companies deal with English-Arabic translation in an unsophisticated manner. Joining hands with the most prominent translation experts in the industry would let you make a lot of difference in the market.
  2. Unpack complex tasks: While speed plays a dominant role, many linguists split up their projects to complete it fastly. As a legal expert team, they should work towards attaining perfection and at the same time, they should complete their harder tasks on time. This would let them gain the respect of their clients while handling translation services in Dubai.
  3. Quicker turnaround: Getting in touch with the global team, with all the tight deadlines approaching, shouldn’t be a constraint with regards to translation in Dubai &Jlt. The Arabic legal translation company should be in a position to offer every ounce of support to their team.
  4. Certified translation is vital: The Arabic legal translation service provider should affix their company stamp to each translation page. Providing a signed affidavit that attests to the translation’s accuracy is also vital. Translation services in Dubai, occupied with certification, plays a predominant role in determining the service.
  5. Expert in Arabic Handwriting: The translation team should include experts with high-end knowledge in handwriting analysis. Their skills and ability to translate and decipher every muddling handwritten documents should come into the picture while taking care of translation services in Dubai.

How to choose the most prolific Arabic legal translation service?

Arabic legal translation in Dubai has been trending in recent days. Are you wondering how to choose the most-nuanced Arabic legal translation service provider? You should consider a number of key factors in translation services in Dubai.

Are they quality-centric? Anybody can provide Arabic legal translation services. But not everybody can provide it in a quality-oriented fashion. A novice’s work might not suffice every time. Your expertise should exceed the ranks of your audience interest. This applies to legal translation services as well for people wondering “Where can I receive translation services near me?

Are they flexible?

Flexibility matters the most in legal translation. Can they accommodate the requirements of different industry verticals? Do they have any limitations while accomplishing it? You need to discuss all these factors in prior.

Vastness of services: Can the legal translation team handle insurance, dispute resolution, private equity and taxation processes? With a bird’s view focused on quality and involving various system processes, they should be in a position to reach the customer’s level of expectation. They should provide various interpretation services as well.

Do they provide security features? While dealing with your private data, do the team providing interpretation services in Dubai have standard legal policies? You need to keep security features in mind, and it should not be taken lightly. Ensure that you are on the right track of security coverage while dealing with Arabic legal translation.

Who are we?
Are you still googling, “Arabic translation services near me?” Well, you are in the right place who can handle translation services in Dubai and interpretation services in Dubai.

At QTS, we have never been fond of the translation software. Our aim is to transmit the actual text meaning without depending solely on the literal translation. Our industry experience exceeds 20 years where our objective lies in providing literal translation. We have dealt with Arabic legal translation in Dubai for 500+ clients.

Our clients respect us immensely for the quality of service we provide in terms of interpretation services in Dubai. In addition to the legal translation, we provide expert-based communication support at different events. We also provide software and manual localisation along with editing and proofreading services.

So, it’s time for you to stop wondering “Where can I look for translation services near me?”Contact us if you require any of our interpretation services in Dubai.

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