Translation services in Dubai: 7 skills every translation service provider should have

Legal translation companies act as a locus of importance when adhering to the social and cultural laws of a particular place. This factor is of utmost significance in places like the UAE, where legal documents such as birth certificates, trade licenses, and memoranda are required to be translated into Arabic before being presented to any legal authority.

To find a well-reputed legal translation office in Dubai, you can run a quick google search on “ legal translation near me or “Arabic translation near me”.

Given below are the 7 skills that you need to check if a service provider has before narrowing down your choice for a translation office:

  • Certification

Highly reputed translation companies have a 3 EYE-TEP workflow system embedded in their quality assurance processes. This ensures that they provide high-quality translation and are accredited by an ISO certification. A company’s awards and certifications are generally listed on its website. To find the best legal translation service in Dubai, the certificated process is a non-negotiable skill.

  • Client Testimonials

Client testimonials form the backbone of what contributes to the company’s reputation. Though online reviews might not be completely effective in judging a company’s quality of service, it still proves to be an effective skill in narrowing down any potential risks. You should also contact previous clients to get an in-depth analysis of the professional and social structure of the company to find out if they have any moral compromises.

  • Expertise

The best translation services in Dubai are equipped with translators who have expertise in the domain they are translating in. They need to have immense skill in understanding the subject matter, bilingual knowledge, and social impacts of the location they are translating for. They need to know the elements of prose and a masterful command of the source and target language.

  • Confidentiality

Oftentimes, translation documents are delicate and contain sensitive intellectual information regarding an individual or a business. This factor ensures the need for extreme confidentiality while translating documents. Thus it is essential to choose a translation service that offers an NDA and has a one-point communication system to avoid data leaks.

  • Automation

In a world where technology goes hand in hand with business, it is essential to choose a translation service that has the right dose of technology to aid manual labor. CAT tools need to be used to build translation memories that will aid in error-free and high-quality delivery of documents.

  • Transposition Time

Adhering to a time of delivery showcases the discipline of the service provider. High morale ensures dedication and commitment to a project. Thus, it is essential to choose a service provider that can deliver within the mentioned time of transposition.


If you are looking for the best legal translation company in Dubai, your search is finally over. By following the guidelines mentioned above, you can narrow down the translation service for your needs without compromising on the pivotal skills that every translation service provider should have.

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  1. Rashida
    January 27, 2022

    Thank you for giving an useful information about legal translation service.

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