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Importance of translation

This article is devoted to the English Arabic translation; it will be the light of the translation of the translation, the importance of English Arabic translation, the difficulty idioms impose to translators, the qualities of a good translator and the need for translation in general.

 Translation in Dr. Hasan Uddin Ahmed’s words are:

“The action or process of delivering from one language to another. It is the expression or rendering sense of words, sentences, and passages etc. from one language to another.” Ulm-ul-Quran, Dr. Hasan Uddin Ahmed, I.A.S. The Columbia Encyclopedia defines translation as a rendering of a text in another language.

Katharine Barnwell (1986, p. 8) .defines it as follows:

Translation is re-telling, as exactly as possible, the meaning of the original message in a way that natural in the language in which translation is being made. Translation is much more than the interpretation of the meaning of a text in one language and production of a new, equal text in another language, or replacement of words of one language, with words of another language, or meaning of rendering. This is a bridge of appreciation and understanding between people of different cultural groups, it means the communication of different groups of people, means the exchange of exchange, the means of protection of cultural heritage. of any country, the means of forming relationships and friendships among different groups of people, and means of understanding and peace. Human beings are not all living alone and every human being needs to know about one another, man trying to learn what other people are doing, how they live, and how they live.

I think Translation is a combination of all of them

We would like to know, apart from our different ethnicity, color, language, and culture, whether we share the same love of love, passion, sorrow, aspiration, sympathy, jealousy and many other human nature. So as long as the desire to exist, translation will be the only bridge be. In the general sense, the goal is to build the bridge between different groups of people, but the goal of translation in the theoretical sense is the source and target language between equality of a relationship; it should be sure that both texts communicate the same message. There has been a debate as translation is an art, a science, or a Skill. I think Translation is a combination of all of them. It is a science in the sense that it needs complete knowledge of the structure, grammar, semantics, and syntax and in general, the two languages are related to the creation. It is an art since it needs artistic talent to reconstruct the original text in the form of a product that is presentable to the reader who does not want to be familiar with the original. It is likewise a skill, as it expects meticulousness meaning and an exhaustive comprehension of the connection amongst punctuation and semantics, combined with a wide assortment of social foundation and capacity to interpret something that does not coordinate the objective dialect.

Human skill

Likewise being a human skill, it empowers human creatures to change thoughts and considerations paying little heed to various dialects they utilize. Man is supplied with the capacity to pass on his emotions and experience to others through dialect. For this procedure of correspondence man procured both talked dialect and composed dialect, however when human creatures spread over the earth, their dialects varied and they required an that they could convey and speak with each other. Along these lines the requirement for interpretation to pass on one’s sentiments and encounters in the other dialect was felt.

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