Translation in Dubai group is very professional and expert

Translation in Dubai is the first translation agency of its kind in the UAE to specialize in specializing in language services for professional organizations. Translation Services Dubai team members are carefully chosen for their expertise and extensive training in a variety of special disciplines using special disciplines using skilled and working with each size organization, from small businesses and large corporations and governmental institutions in start-up ventures. This special knowledge is indispensable when addressing the unique, specific needs of each industry we serve. 

Accurate translations by highly-special translators can mean the difference between health and illness in the medical industry, a court case in the legal case, and between success and failure in education. We recognize that your organization’s reputation and success are dependent upon 100% accuracy in every word in all the documents and contents, but even more so intention of the author in original language when multiple interpretations are possible from literal translation. As partners in your vision, Translation in Dubai reputation and success is also at stake. 

That’s why we meticulously select only the best and most qualified translators with the relevant expertise in your industry to translate highly-sensitive or special materials. Our translation team is comprised of leading industry experts – each with specialization and proficiency in the highly-technical terminology and your industry or field of jargon- and will make each translated document the same accuracy and effect as the original. Translation Services Dubai team is a comprehensive range of special fields and industries, including but not limited to:

Technical and Industrial Translation Marketing and Advertising Translation 2 Documentation Translation Medical and Life Sciences Translation

3 General Software Translation 4 Business Software Translation 5 IT and ICT Translation 6 Literary Translation 7 Legal Translation 8 Government Translation 9 Website Translation and many other

No matter what industry or field your organization specializes in, we have a highly qualified translator with a matching skill set to serve you.

Translation in Dubai offers translation services very low cost-effective rates to ensure that your organization enjoys an improved bottom line. Our guarantee to your organization is nothing less than the delivery of the highest quality product and the best value. Access to production facilities throughout the Middle East allows us to keep low-cost production sites with almost unlimited access to qualified professionals. This vast pool of production facilities and qualified

 professionals keeps translating in Dubai at the rates that no other translation services can match. We guarantee that the translation services we provide your organization are marketed in most competitive rates at the price. Our pricing proposal for your organization is based on word count, technicality or complexity of the text, and the turnaround time required to meet your deadline schedule. We usually charge per standard page. Want a prompt quotation?

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