Top 7 Reasons why Machine Translation Cannot Replace Human Translation

Have you ever wondered why translating legal documents has always been done by professional human translators for a long time even after automation dominated the world? A lot of reasons contribute to this. Humans possess linguistic knowledge and are well versed with the cultural requirements and judgment skills to determine how to present the translated document.

Machine translation is readily available, however, it is still not an option for every type of legal content.

When it comes to translation services in Dubai, you might be in a dilemma about whether to go with machine-based or human translation.

The following are some of the aspects weighing the choices that will help you make a wise choice.

  • Attention to Detail

While translating a legal document you should ensure that you are paying a high level of attention to detail and the context of the document. Hence, it isn’t wise to leave it to a machine translator.

  • Well Versed with Jargon

When it comes to legal translation, you might often face issues related to repetition and monotony. Most of the sentences will require you to use the correct jargon. Hence, a human translator will be able to do justice to the requirements.

  • Final Checks

While most translation companies today believe in a mix of both humans and machine based translation for achieving greater efficiency. The precision of the final text has to be determined by a human.

  • Adhering to quality standards

Legal experts at translation companies in Dubai can make better decisions on translation. Human translation can produce more accurately translated documents. Ultimately, it relies on a human translator to verify the correctness of the translation.

  • Quick yet Accurate Results

In legal proceedings, adhering to deadlines is imperative. While machines might come in handy to ease repetitive tasks. A human translator is required to determine the accuracy and deliver the documents that meet the clients’ expectations.

  • A cost-effective service

When you are on the lookout for a translation office in Dubai, you will look for a company that offers quality services for a reasonable price. You should prefer a human translator since they generally offer the services at affordable prices.

  • Confidentiality Needs

In an emerging automated world, there have been a lot of concerns regarding data leaks. Hence, it is advisable to trust your documents with a reliable human translator who will safeguard your information.

To Summarize

Legalities require you to prioritize accuracy. Content necessitates cultural awareness and context. The materials are written in a unique style that may be challenging to translate. An undertaking of such a magnitude necessitates the involvement of expert translators. They are aware of what to interpret and how to translate.


All of these requirements necessitate the use of human linguistics specialists to translate the languages. As a result, among the many translation company in Dubai, a company that uses human translation may be the best option.

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