Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid with Localization

Scaling across the UAE isn’t easy, by any measure. You need to do your research, discover new markets, financing avenues, collaborate with neighborhood partners, make an influence, and market your product. Considering that more than 80% of the arena’s population speaks and understands Arabic, translating and localizing your website, advertising and marketing translation content, should be at the top of your enterprise’s to-do list.

However, while selecting a translation company in Dubai, you should ensure that you avoid the following errors that might hinder the localization of your business:-

  • Completely Relying on Machine Translation

Machine translation is extraordinarily tempting. It’s faster and places less stress on your company. However, machines clearly can’t be depended on to get the activity carried out outright. They lack the personal touch wished while taking context and tradition into account, particularly with regards to informal speech, idioms, the local phrases, and so forth. Steer clear of this mistake by opting for a certified translator in the UAE.


  • Not Adhering to the Local Cultural Requirements

In terms of ensuring that the message reaches your vast audience, inclusion is important. Your customers should be able to see their culture and values being reflected in your product. They want to visualize the usage of your services or products. As such, you must translate your marketing content to suit the needs of your target audience. You should use nationwide identified symbols and icons, properly translated taglines and slogans in Arabic.

  • Wrongly Translated Words and Local Terms

One of the common localization errors in translating certain words or phrases is that, they don’t adhere to the local linguistic requirements. This results in misinterpretation of the content while conveying it to the audience. To keep away from this mistake, translations must be carried out only by professional translators in the UAE. This way, you can be assured that meanings can be fully understood, and proper phrases are selected, for every message.

  • Losing your product’s intent during translation

Your clients want to feel like your product/service has been created especially for them. To do so, you need to be exceptionally detail-oriented and keep in mind that the product titles are properly translated into Arabic. However, at times your translated product titles might lose their intended meaning or reflect the wrong meaning. You should thoroughly check the translated documents to ensure you do not have to face such a situation.

  • Paying exorbitant prices

Due to the massively growing translation industry, all service providers are charging competitive prices, and hence the decision-making process can be daunting. To ease it for you, you should always choose a translator who is well versed with the country’s protocols and delivers content that adheres to the localization needs.

That being said, no brand or company is completely immune to the perils of localization during expansion or scaling. Hence, it is always advisable to choose a well-established translation service provider in the UAE. This way the process will be smooth and you will not encounter the aforementioned obstacles.

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