Quick and Accurate Interpreting Services in Dubai

We are a high quality translation and ‘’interpretation service in Dubai’’ provider that provides best to our clients. Our high quality on interpretation is reliable through our strict screening process and continuous monitoring of performance.

Community interpretation: legal, healthcare, social services, education and private sector

With a broad range of human resource resources, we will provide the right professional translator for more than 100 languages. ‘’Translation in Dubai’’ pride ourselves on a proven translation and interpretation service provider that will go up and forth to our customers’ needs.

Our criteria to hire a community interpreter

  • School and college Certificate or University degree in one of your dialect accumulations
  • Language interpretation test CILISAT / ILSAT / CTTIC (if available in your language)
  • Training Fun – Basic Training – At least 100 hours of language interpretation – Training certificate LITP (180 hours) an asset (it is necessary in the future, it is our program to support and promote)
  • ACC-ACI Sindh is an asset. ACI get priority rates and preferred reservation.

Partial 5 years or 3 years full-time authentic experience. Total hours per hour and your skills

  • Referrals for interpretation work
  • Participation in professional development activities is an asset
  • Reason for interpretation
  • For those who work in the health care sector, additional medical terminology is required
  • Subscriptions with the Association of Professional Language Spokesperson AP is an asset
  • All interpreters need to fully meet the National Standard Guide for Social Advertising Services (NSSG).

’Translation in Dubai’’  offer a wide range of languages including translations, interpretation, modification, editing, proofing, localization, design, and barrel, audio and video transmission.

Interpretation service in Dubai” ’team of highly educated professional translators has a wide range of experiences in many fields. We are committed to providing the highest quality in translation and interpretation services. Call us to work with a certified translation and interpretation service provider who can trust you.


’Translation in Dubai’’ want to thank you! Our customers, translators, interpreters, staff and colleagues. Thank you, we have become one of the following: One of the most trusted translation agencies and proudly Dubai. More importantly, multi-language culture is making a better place for the world! We have a power to change, at one time one person is changing the world. We save lives, organizations and business through translating and interpreting in more than 100 languages. What we do is, people are pleasant, reliable and healthy. After two decades of business, we still believe in giving back, and we want people to feel happy and help others in helping others. It’s a discrimination to take this mission. Helping others who inspect us, we cannot do it without you

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