Qualities of a Good Translator

Most of us may think that translation and interpretation services Dubai are very easy. The general public is of the view that the translator just needs to know the source language and target language. It is true but the translator needs to possess some other skills as well. This blog post discusses the qualities of a good translator.

Who is a Translator?

A translator is a person who knows at least two languages. He or she knows the science of translation. Having a grip on source language and the target language is the basic requirement to be a good translator. The translator is supposed to know the grammatical, syntactic, semantic and pragmatic features of the source language.

Not all translations are the same and translation is not just changing one word with another. The translator may need to pay extra attention to translate some documents. Moreover, the translator must be well-conversant with the socio-cultural contexts of both the source language and the target language.

When you are translating, it is important to carefully make the word choices. You have many options and choosing the most suitable one is the goal. He or she may need different tools to help him or her out in moments of difficulty. This work needs patience and perseverance.

Qualities of a Good Translator

There are many qualities of a good translator. Enlisted below are some notable ones;

  • A good translator is also a good writer.
  • A good translator puts oneself in the shoes of the writer.
  • He or she is committed to producing the best translation.
  • She or he always proofread the translation after finishing it.
  • A good translator understands the source language text meaning.
  • He or she accommodates but not compromises with the original text.

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