Here’s a Quick Guide on How to Convert Your Driving License in Dubai

There has been a steady population increase in the quintessential location of Dubai in regards to the usage of private and public commutes by international expats for their day-to-day proceedings.

A pivotal frontier in the arena of private commute has been the conversion of international driving license of immigrants to the protocol adhering Dubai driving license by best translation services near JLT Dubai.

The delivery of this conversion is offered by multiple translation companies near JLT Dubai. Getting your driving license converted through translation by the best translation service near JLT Dubai like the QTS-DMCC also avails a great expanse of benefits for individuals who are planning to stay in Dubai for a long period for business requirements.

Running a quick Google search on “translation center near me” or “translation office near me” is assured to give you a list of translation companies near JLT Dubai that offer to convert your international driving license to a Dubai driving license.

Given below is a quick guide on how to convert your driving license in Dubai:

  1. RA agreement check

Reciprocal agreements have been made by Dubai with 31 other countries of the world.

If your existing driving license is registered under any of the 31 countries of the RA agreement list and you have a current resident status of living in the emirates, your license is valid to be converted.

  1. Translation services near JLT Dubai for specific languages

According to the policies of the emirates, if the existing license is from the list of countries such as Canada, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Poland, South Korea, or Japan, you require the aid of the multiple translation offices in Dubai to deliver the translated copy of your driving license along with the necessary documents. It is advisable to approach the best translation service near JLT Dubai like the QTS-DMCC to offer certified translation to deliver high-grade service.

  1. Consulate letter for Canadians

If you are a Canadian citizen, it is needed of you to submit a letter signed and attested by the Canadian consulate in Dubai. This letter signed by the Canadian consulate in Dubai will serve as an authorized permit to prove the verification of the original driving license that requires translation by translation companies near JLT Dubai.

  1. Document compilation

The final step to complete the conversion procedure of your existing license into a Dubai license is to produce a list of documents such as passport, resident permit copy, eye-test certification including the ones mentioned above. These are to be presented to the Dubai traffic department.


Though Dubai facilitates its residents by providing diverse options of commute that include tram, taxi, and buses to help individuals reach their desired location, it is comforting and cost-efficient to drive your car in Dubai. But regardless of whether it is a trip revolving around business or pleasure, following the above-mentioned tips will aid you to commute safely and legally on foreign grounds.

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