Can Google Translator be Trusted?

Is Google Translator an accurate translator? People often ask this question. Well, the answer is simple; not much reliable. When it comes to Legal Translation in Dubai, translation software is not a good option. Continue reading to know why it is so.

Man vs. Machine: Who Wins?

When it comes to translating a document, people turn to free translation tools such as Google Translator. The question is; can machine translate without errors? The answer is ‘no.’ Google Translator is a good option for common sentences and it can translate to and from 90 languages. A professional translation service is the best option if you need error-free translations. So man wins in this game.

Can a Machine Replace a Human?

Google and many other companies are investing millions in developing the technology to translate documents without errors. So far, only the human beings are able to produce translations that are free of errors. That is one of the reasons why humans are good for Legal Translation in Dubai.

When Language Is Not So Straight-Forward

The language keeps changing and new words are being added every day. The social media and technology play a pivotal role in global changing languages such as English. Machine-based translators are not that smart to track the changes. For example, the software may not know how to translate words such as ‘selfie.’


It’s Not a Case of Word-For-Word Translation

Translation is not a job where we change a word for word. The qualified and experienced translator knows the subject and makes different decisions to deliver error-free translation. Unfortunately, no translation software is able to do it at the moment. That is another reason why humans are good at doing translations.

Want to Get Legal Translation Service in Dubai?

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