Best Practices to Create a Successful Multilingual Podcast

Podcasts have grown in popularity dramatically in recent years. In fields as diverse as business, education, entertainment, humour, journalism, health, and more, they have penetrated the realm of global mainstream media. Podcasts are a fun and simple method for businesses to interact with their customers.

There is upfront or continuing expense to doing this efficiently and in a style that audiences can relate to. The value of reaching prospective listeners and consumers in places where podcasts are growing in popularity (such as the United Arab Emirates) outweighs this. If you’re convinced about the power of podcasts and want to reach out to a larger audience, hire a professional translator in Dubai to ensure the appropriate localization of your content.

Producing a translated podcast that listeners in the UAE can connect to, takes great talent. You must take into account cultural variations in addition to linguistic correctness. This is when Translation Services in Dubai comes in handy. Take a look at these multilingual podcast tips to help you develop excellent multilingual podcast material.

  • Pay heed to Podcast Transcription

Take the easy step of writing a screenplay for your podcast episode by hiring a professional. This greatly simplifies the task of developing a multilingual version for your target country. The translators guarantee that your audio is localized for new audiences once it has been transcribed and carefully reviewed by their editors and reviewers. A transcript is required if you want people to locate your podcast, as search engines cannot recognize audio files without transcripts. Add your professional-quality transcription as text content to your blog and social media pages to make it more accessible in a new format.

  • Ensure Culture Inclusiveness

Make sure each episode resonates with a local audience, whether through cultural allusions like TV shows and music, figurative language, humour, familiarity of accents, to guarantee listeners return to your podcast.  Make an Arabic version for listeners in the United Arab Emirates. This investment in localization will pay off handsomely in terms of new audiences and markets.

  • Hire Native Speakers and Linguistics

When each episode features native-speaking hosts and interpreters, the dialogue or content feels relevant and natural. While free transcribing software might help you save money and time, it cannot replace the grace of professional human translators. A certified translator in Dubai is well versed with the cultural nuances, and will make your content inclusive for all kinds of audiences in the country.

We recognize that developing podcasts for the multilingual market and the associated costs may be a source of frustration for you, therefore translation agencies in the UAE strive to make the process as smooth as possible. Podcast listening is becoming a regular pastime for millions of individuals across the world, and with their aid, your podcast material can reach wide audiences. Your multilingual podcasts will not only gain new listeners but will also enhance income and brand exposure.

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