Advantages and Disadvantages of Human and Online Translation

The people not associated with the translation profession think that translation is a simple task where one word is replaced with another word. They think any bilingual person can translate from one language to another. These are just assumptions. The truth is quite contrary.

Humans Can Adapt to the Needs of the Translation Work

The human brain knows plenty of differences that computer software does not know. Only a human being can make use of different contexts and scenarios while translating. Unfortunately, online translation tools are not able to think like a human being. A human being is able to learn, develop and update his knowledge. That is why a human translator constantly undergoes a non-stop developmental process of knowledge absorption.

Humans Have Unlimited Amount of Data and Information

A qualified and experienced translator who is also certified in this profession can produce accurate translations. On the other hand, an online translation tool such as Google Translator has limitations. Producing error-free translation using such tools is still a dream. In the world of translation, complexity and ambiguity are everywhere. Such differences include social, religious, and cultural differences.

Humans Have Subject Knowledge and Interpretation Skills

A person having qualification and experience in translation can handle all topics and documents. On the other hand, translation software can only handle the familiar possibilities. I a human translate a document; he or she can proofread and make corrections as well.

Human Translation Also Has Some Limitations

Having said this, we do not mean we are against the machine translation. The point is, machines have not yet been able to produce error-free translations. We are ready to use and ask others to use them if they ever become able to produce translations that are free of flaws.

We also admit that human translation also has limitations. The human translation depends on the knowledge, skills, and abilities of a single person; whereas, the computer software may have experts’ backing. If you are interested in interpretation services Dubai, call us now.

Interpretation Services in Dubai

In the end, we conclude that human translation and interpretation services in Dubai are better than the online translation using the software. So far, there is no intelligent software available that could translate without errors. We have certified translators in our team. If you want to get a document translated, please contact us.

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