A Complete Guide to Finding Legal Translation in Dubai

The application of language in legal documents is premiere. If the language of legal documents is not translated with the highest form of accuracy or contains grammatical errors that could potentially change the outlook of legal documents, there can be dire consequences such as police inquiry or even deportation from a country you are visiting. Legal documents such as birth certificates, patents, litigation support or financial records need to be translated into Arabic, the official language of UAE before being presented in legal proceedings.

This factor proves to be the fuel for the rise of legal translation companies in Dubai to offer their services to multiple clients from all over the world who are visiting the UAE for business or pleasure. To get a list of legal translation companies near JLT, all you have to do is run a quick google search for “legal translation company near me”, “Legal translation services near me” or “Arabic legal translation near me”.

To find the right legal translation company from the list for your project, here is a complete guide to finding the best legal translation company in Dubai:

  1. Languages Offered

As a client or a business provider, you must choose a legal translation company in Dubai that employs linguists who know the source and target language. Apart from that, it is also advised for you to select a legal translation service near JLT that offers its translation services in multiple languages. This factor will ensure that you can continue to have a stable relationship with the same company even for future projects and prevents the hassle of you trying to find new services.

  1. Technology Implemented For Translation

With the rise of technological advancements in every sector of the economy, you need to choose a legal translation office in Dubai that implements an equal workforce of manual linguists and tech tools. Tools such as terminology databases, CAT tools, machine translation, and metric analysis need to be used to prevent the loss of syntax or semantics during translation.

  1. Time Of Delivery

In a service provider business, time of transposition is a quality that is well appreciated. You should choose a legal translation office near JLT that adheres to strict deadlines and produces work within the given time frame. This factor assures that the client will not face problems due to a lack of discipline or commitment to the task.

  1. Testimonials Of Customers

Testimonials given by the previous customers of a service provider prove to be a well-rounded verification of the translation done by a legal translation company in Dubai. You should not only check the testimonials on the company website, but you should also request customer referrals of clients who’ve received deliveries from the translation office for a similar project like yours to check the authenticity of the work produced.


Legal translation offices in Dubai hire quality linguists who can translate documents most efficiently without loss of syntax. Following the tips above will ensure a smooth transaction with the best legal translation company in Dubai of your choice to produce high-quality content.

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