7 Important Skills A Translator Should Have for Legal Translation in Dubai

7 Important Skills A Translator Should Have for Legal Translation in Dubai

If you are looking for a translator for legal translation in Dubai, you should hire a professional person. You need to know what qualities and skills the right translator should have. Here are the 7 important skills every translator should have. Continue reading to know the details.

Who is a Translator?

A translator is a person who has many other skills besides knowing two or more languages. Translation does not mean replace one word with another word. It is a professional service that requires many other skills too.

The translators have to focus and work hard to get a translation job done. Knowing the languages as well as the cultures is the key to success. Please continue reading to know the 7 important skills a translator must have:

1. Listening

If the translator has to listen in one language and then write in another language, it is good to have good listening skills.

2. Writing

A translator has to write in another language after reading the document in one language. So it is very important to have writing skills.

3. Cultural Intelligence

Just knowing the language is not enough. The person who knows the culture as well can perform the translation properly.

4. Specialist Knowledge

If a person is performing the legal translation in Dubai, the specialist knowledge is a must to make sure there is no error in the translation.

5. Observation

By observation does not mean the translator needs to be James Bond or Sherlock Holmes. But the translator must fully concentrate on the work.

6. Computer Skills

The translators have to work on computer and internet nowadays. The latest technology makes it quite easier to complete a translation task timely.

7. Time Management

Time management is the key to success for a busy translator. Time is, literally, money for a translator.

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