5 Famous Translation Myths and the Truth

Translation is a specialized work. The history of translation dates back to thousands of years when one country needed to trade items with another country with different language. Translation has now become an important academic discipline.

We think doing translation from one language to another is a simple task. Actually, it is only easy for the person who has language skills, proper training, and experience. Here are some famous myths about translation and the truth.

1. All Bilingual People Can Translate

All bilingual people cannot translate well. The best Translation Company in Dubai knows that all bilingual people cannot do the translation right. It takes training and experience to perform accurate translations from one language to another.

2. Translation Can Be Performed Rapidly

It is true that not all translations can be performed quickly. A responsible Translation Company in Dubai knows that some translations take more time than the others. Typically, technical and legal documents take extra care and time.

3. A Translator Can Translate Both Directions Equally

Well, a translator cannot translate both directions equally. For example, the Best Translation Company in Dubai knows it very well that a person might not be able to translate accurately from Arabic to English and English to Arabic at the same time.

4. Translators Can Translate Anything

A translator cannot translate accurately even if he or she knows both languages. It is important for the translator to have a grip on the subject and topic of translation. The right Translation Service in Dubai always employs the person who specializes in a particular subject.

5. Computer Translation Is Reliable

The computer translations are not reliable. Even the latest translation software programs have flaws. That is the reasons why good Translation Service in Dubai always get it done from a qualified and experienced translator.

The End Result

In essence, translation is not child’s play. Are you looking for a qualified and experienced translator? We are the leading translation agency in the Dubai. We can provide all major languages translations in a short span of time. Please call us or fill the online form to win a free quote and consultation.

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