5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Multilingual Website

While globalization is spreading its roots, is your website ready to cater to worldwide audience? Well, you need to note that, once you have established yourself as a leader in your native country, your firm can only grow abroad. And what do you need for that?

A multilingual website! Well to be honest, translating your website is the ideal method to attract new clients.

But, don’t be misguided, because a multilingual websites require a little more than just translation in terms of web construction and design. We will help you out with the Don’ts!

Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid when building a multilingual website:

  • Say No to Automated Translations!

We know, it’s a boon that we live in a time when many operations can be completely automated. But be assured, translation does not fall under that category!

If you need your texts translated perfectly, you need to employ professionals and not machines. Machine Translation still has a long road to travel until they can translate texts perfectly.

You need someone who is capable of understanding the subtleties of grammar and syntax.

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  • Don’t overlook SEO!

So, the goal is to get increase traffic and get clients for your business. This is certainly not possible without effective search engine optimization!

If you want to succeed with your project, all you need is a professional translator who works on SEO strategies.

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We will help you with translating meta description, alt tags, and captions, analysing long-tail keywords in several languages, and translating URLs.

  • Don’t miss out to research on needed languages

If we count the number of languages and dialects in the world, the figure might seem scary to you!

But you don’t need to cater to people of all languages and dialects. You need to pick the language that is beneficial to your firm.

What you can do best to determine which languages you require:   Observing the source of your traffic!Keep a track of the nations where your content is most frequently seenand then choose the ideal languages!

  • Omitting Localization Tricks is a blunder!

When you target a specific audience, the key is to adapt content according to their localities.Now, this requires your translation to take into account any dialects or linguistic variations for a certain locale.

Currently, 13% of nativeAmericans speak Spanish. You must adjust your speech to that of the native speakers!

If you want your website visitors to have the greatest possible experience: Don’t omit localization process while building a multilingual website.

  • Don’t Copy Content

Do you know what is the most common mistake? Writing the same content in multiple languages and placing it on various.

Since Google is smart enough, it views the information as duplicating itself and penalises the company for it.

You don’t want it!Do you?

What can you do? Well, make one page with a language selection button rather than separate pages for each language.

Remember, multilingual websites encompass more than just words and their translations. The designers sometimes overlook the necessity to adapt them to entirely various cultures and traditions. We don’t want you to make the same mistakes.

We will help you to avoid all these mistakes. If you are looking out for professional translation services in Dubai, reach out to us!