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Why Translators Use Translation Memories for Their Projects?

What is Translation Memories? The translators save the translated text segments for future reference. It is common for professional translators to receive similar documents for translation over and over again. If a translator receives a document for interpretation services Dubai, he or she will translate the document and save it for future reference. When another customer will come with the…

Translation Company and Translator Relationship

With the expansion of the internet, the translation market is also increasing. As per the estimates, the translation market is increasing at a staggering rate of 30%. The current translation business volume is more than $40 billion. So the number translation service providers (both companies and individuals is increasing). This article discusses the translator and translation company relationship. Take the…

Understanding Translation Quotes

The transition clients are mostly not able to understand the transition quote process. The truth is; there is no method for translation quotes. Mean to say, there are different ways to interpret translation quotes. Some people choose the lowest quote but it is not right. The cheapest is not always the best. Let’s discuss it in detail. Getting Quote for…

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