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Quality Translation Services (QTS) give quick turnaround, financially savvy and excellent document, promoting, and site, legitimate and business translations all through the Dubai territory and abroad. Home to the greater part a million people, Dubai has a mixed blend of British, eastern European, Asian, Arabic, African and Philippine inhabitants. Our customers incorporate expansive associations, SMEs and private people requiring a quality translation benefit. Our Translate English to Arabic Dubai service offers awesome esteem translations over a scope of areas in the universal social center point. Our interpreters are professionally qualified subject specialists, living and working in key areas around the globe. Their translations are precise and confined to your intended interest group. What’s more, since they’re working in your objective time zone, you don’t need to sit tight for the outcomes. In the present associated world, we’re not simply on the guide. We’re on top of it.

Given its status as a mechanical center point, it bodes well that our translations in Dubai shape a focal piece of ordinary exchange and business in the city. Regardless of whether you require innovative, therapeutic or legitimate translations, we have a committed interpreter who knows your field back to front. This insider information has an immense effect to our translations, where learning and experience mean our qualified interpreters can go the additional mile while deciphering your content. We offer quick, exact and financially savvy Certificate attestation for UAE for a wide range of substance from little one page documents to finish books and specialized productions. With our capacity to offer an every hour rate for translations instead of the conventional per word, you will discover our rates the best accessible with no trading off on translation quality.

The greater part of our translation procedures and frameworks are confirmed to high standards, the most noteworthy worldwide standard for the translation business. Our etymologists are very gifted inside the translation business and our frameworks of in-house testing and approval guarantee customers get the most elevated quality translation. We can give affirmed translations to any nation including lawful confirmed translations. In each venture that our Dubai translation office attempts, this division particular learning is coordinated with a fastidious phonetic comprehension, encouraged by our interpreters through years of training. It takes considerably more than being bilingual to be a decent interpreter, and as we have hand-chosen the most gifted language specialists around, you can make certain we are the best decision for finding an expert interpreter in Dubai. As the group behind our Translate English to Arabic Dubai services comprehends the requirement for inconspicuous, exact translations, our customers are ensured the services of a first language interpreter. The individual doing your task will dependably be converting into their local language, which means we can ensure an additional level of familiarity and figure of speech contrasted with other Dubai language specialist co-ops.


In order to protect our clients from the legal consequences of bad translation, we hereby consider it our priority to streamline legal translation to our dedicated team who just deal with these matters only. With years of experience, they are at top of the industry.

Our team is specially catered to law firms, regular companies, schools, hospitals, and individuals. We don’t rely just on legal translations, but also select the best legal terminologies from legal outsources. We select the best terminologies that fits the bill. Our certified and notarized translations are government approved, and readily acceptable for official use. We focus on contracts, certifiates, litigation documents, and all types of legal documents.

Our team is highly experienced in 50+ languages around the world, who can translate, proof-read, and interpret. We use the best of technology, staff, and management to ensure the best of the result.


All over the world, about 5,000 languages are recognized as distinct. Some languages are more widely used than others. They need to be mutually intelligible, and thus the need for translation.

Whether only a few words needs to be translated or whole documents, our experienced team of experts are available round the clock. No compromise is made on the quality of the work, even on rush orders. We understand that not all translations needs specialization, so general orders are deal in a more efficient manner. It includes but not limited to: leaflets, advertisement, meeting minutes, agendas, memorandums, letters, conference speeches.

For us, our clients are foremost, and we seek long-term relationships. Thus, we always strive to deliver the best content at the most reasonable rates.


Medical field is a very sensitive one due to its critical nature. Communication between doctors and patients and their doctor is a must otherwise it can result in grave consequences. Lexicology is important, and replacing just dictionary words can be dangerous.

Our team of experts are specialized in the medical field. The experience they have allows them to efficiently translate and cater to the needs of doctors. Direct translation may not be desired, but context is also important and here comes the role of professionals. If we can save lives, then we consider it our honor. It is our firm belief that medical translation should be done with utmost accuracy and reliability.


A good grip at translation require that the translators need to be versed in their field. We at QTS, hire only economists to translate the financial documents. We achieve best results only because of our team of expert professionals. Monetary documents require complex financial and economics understanding, and we understand the needs of our clients well in advanced. Because this is our regular work, thus we can assure that the work will be 100% accurate.

Fiscal documents like audit reports, balance sheets, stock market press release, bills, business plans, financial analyses, and annual reports. Our rates assures the quality, and in no way we will compromise on that.


In the world of increasingly globalized society, information from one culture to another can distort its meaning. A word can totally change its meaning depending on the context. For example, an “owl” can mean wise in western context, but can mean a totally opposite in another culture. So the background is necessary catering to each culture’s unique fabric. Media plays an important in merging cultures and promoting brands. In order for a company of one country to present its brand in another country, or even within another country with different language group, the barrier needs to be broken with a good translation, otherwise it can backfire and jeopardize your marketing strategy and budget. Western companies learnt it the hard way in China, and what they considered trivial was in fact not. Nevertheless, competition is tight, and businesses need to attract even better in their campaigns to survive. And that means touching the heart of their audiences.

The audience can only be accessed, and entertained if they are presented with the information they are receptable to. Our work at QTS, is to localize the content, to make it understandable and appealing to the individuals, and make your company as truly global.


At QTS, we understand the needs of customers better. We have a team of experienced interpreters which are trained just for that. Our interpretation services include but not limited to:

Presentation Interpretation: is mostly done at formal meetings, shows, or similar settings. The interpreter translates the speech live, while the audience listens to him/her. Headphones and microphones may be used amply during the process to make the process professional and seamless.

Meeting Interpretation: is where the interpreter gets involved in a group setting, and exchange the opinions from one party to another, and so forth. Headphones or microphones may or may not be used.

Legal Interpretation: is used in the courts, where the interpreter takes notes of one party. Assemble the ideas and convey to the other party in their own language.


We at QTS takes our business very seriously, and thus will only employ the latest technology to streamline the communication between two parties. In order for this to happen, we employ the best of the interpretation equipment including but not limited to: projectors, flipcharts, headphones, microphones, tablets, notebooks, laptops, LED screens, audio system. Best of the quality is employed. These conference equipment is made by the best of the companies in their field, and the high quality ensures pleasant experience. This entire package will be customized to your individual needs, at the most reasonable of the rates.


To cater to people of all nationalities, your website needs to be translated to their individual needs and tastes. In order for the content to be understood by all your employees, and customers, consistency and professionalism is needed in your content, and here comes our role. In order to spread the same message without any ambiguity, ensuring local concept with global scalability, we at QTS has a Quality Assurance Policy just to cater to that.

In order for a multi-lingual website to thrive, our team of experts are trained to meet the deadline. We prefer hiring locals who understand both the target culture and the culture of the company, so that the idea is delivered successfully and efficiently.


Technical translation requires experts in their fields. It is considered one of the most difficult ones wherein not only bare words but context is equally important. We at QTS have a network of technical translators who have wide experience in technical translation, who can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

In order to sell your brand and products around the world, in more than 100 languages, you need to localize it. All the manuals, stickers, marketing campaigns, and website needs to cater to local population for wide-spread adoption.


Desktop publishing requires an experienced team who are well-aware of current technologies. This includes software, and their usage to best present the intended content. Attractive content with perfect formatting is our required target. Using the best combination of font, style, margins, and layout ensures that your content becomes a brand which does its own marketing. The applications includes but not limited to: Graphic Design , ebooks, newspapers, multimedia projects, visiting cards, leaflets, banners, pamphlets, etc.


Subtitling include services across two broad domains: one for the deaf and other for the global audience across different continents.

Subtitling is a sub-field of the broader audiovisual translation which includes dubbing, voiceover, and audio description. It is especially important in the cinema and television industry where films from one country need subtitles to make it intelligible in another country. Bland translation from one language to another is never accurate because it doesn’t take into account the idioms, cultural context. Instead, to connect the cultures, we have a network of experienced translators who understand both cultures and their languages, and this reflect in their produced subtitles. Without professional team to produce subtitles, the social and cultural cues like signs, captions, and unique cultural contexts can’t be conveyed.


Audio visual materials like documentaries, movies, or television production frequently requires presenting a foreign media for the consumption of local audiences. Voice-over is frequently employed to dub the language of local speaker with that of the intended audience to ensure smooth presentation of information. Our experienced team of male and females ensure that we deliver professional voice content which also includes context. Quality is never compromised. Our desired target is that the message is delivered and understood well by the target audience.

UAE’s largest attestation services provider, especially for educational documents.

If your company requires top-notch Audio-video equipment for your conferences and meetings, we can provide them on hire basis. Audio, screens, lighting, stages, computers and more. See the range.

If you have a driving license issued in another country, and you need an english translation, then you have come to the right place. We can translate over 160 working languages, and rest assured we deliver the best quality translation.

Our exceedingly focused Translate English to Arabic Dubai services guarantee that you can get practical translations in any language and have them returned rapidly. With negligible import or taking care of expenses and the best translation rates going, our services will guarantee you can get your distributions live in any language. This tender loving care is vital to making us sure that we offer the best translations in Dubai; however that is not where it closes. Our Dubai document translation services likewise focus on protecting the first organization of your agreements, authentications, and authority documents so that when you get your translation you can put it to utilize. This attention on efficient is resounded all through our Dubai translation organization. Time is cash all things considered. Any individual who utilizes our Dubai language services can be certain that their tasks will be conveyed on time, inevitably, no exemptions, and no reasons. We realize that numerous clients of our Dubai translations are pushed for time and need their tasks conveyed quick, and that is exactly what Quality Translation Services (QTS) do. This speed never blocks the nature of our translations, be that as it may, so you can rest guaranteed you’ll be accepting the best translations, notwithstanding when we’re attempting to a tight due date. We’re sure that no other translation organization in Dubai would make such striking cases, particularly not with the immense esteem costs we ensure over our services. Contact our Translation Agency Dubai for a statement, and we will hit you up in few minutes.

Our notoriety for quality and trustworthiness has won us numerous new customers, the greater part of which comes to us through direct suggestions. Together, with our huge system of very qualified proficient language specialists, we can meet all your deciphering and translating necessities speedily and cost adequately. With years of experience and their tremendous scope of capabilities of our groups of mediators and interpreters, we endeavor to end up the best in our field. Quality Translation Services (QTS) is giving services to nearby gatherings, lawful firms and courts, open area associations, neighborhood and worldwide organizations. We accept viable correspondence is a crucial piece of any discourse between two more gatherings. With regards to understanding languages, Quality Translation Services (QTS) is at the cutting edge of giving mediators and interpreters to guarantee proficient services are obtained by the individuals who require best outcomes. This is one of numerous reasons why huge numbers of our customers have moved crosswise over to us from other comparative specialist organizations. Quality Translation Services (QTS) is a main translation organization in Dubai. The ethos of the organization is to give the most noteworthy quality Translate English to Arabic Dubai services at a small amount of the cost ordinarily joined to proficient translation services.

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